Old replays and old patches/versions

I realise that for AOE2 DE you also lose replay functionality for older game when patches come. For that game though and for original AOE2 it seems as though people still have access to old versions as they’re able to cast games from years ago. Is anyone retaining versions of AOE4 to enable similar? It also helps in AOE2 that the replays are saved as files to your computer but on here it’s all just hosted on some server. The ability to download replay files and access old game versions would be great.

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Yes, I would love to have access to replays and older replays! We need to access files so we can get interesting episodes of Bronze Age Heroes AoE4 in the future.

Thank you for your feedback! It will be delivered to our team.


I read that SC2 can play old replays because the game unpatches itself when playing older ones? Maybe AOE4 could do that.

brilliant. I read there was a 3rd party tool developed to watch AOE2 replays with more statistics and controls.

Replays need to have the ability to jump to a point in the replay. Getting to the 2 hour and 45 minute mark on a 3 hour replay still takes a while even on 8x.

Here are the top 7 improvements Replays need IMO

  1. We need to be able to save replays locally and send/share them to people
  2. We need to be able to skip to a point in the replay
  3. We need to have better control of what can be seen. We should be able to see whats in production for each player like you can in Sc2
  4. There is no way to view sacred site and wonder tracker at the same time. This is important info when somebody builds a wonder and at 10:01 left on the clock the other team captures both sacred sites. Thats gonna lead to an intense 10 minutes and as a replay observer you cant see both clocks at once because there are two separate dropdowns. But also, it looks like there’s a bug where the sacred site timer doesn’t even show at all if a wonder timer is already happening.
  5. There is no way to see how many units a player has, like how many traders, monks, etc. (Pressing Ctrl+A to select all units in a replay doesnt work like it does while playing the game).
  6. We need to have multiplayer replay viewing. Right now me and my brother load a replay together and over phonecall we sync up and hit play. But when one player pasues we need to announce it so the other player does too, and if we go higher than 4x, it goes out of sync as his game runs faster than mine at that speed so after 30 mins hes at 32 and i’m still at 30. The game just needs to let us join and watch a match together.
  7. The replay not saving bug (Where you experience an error after the game and no recorded game) needs to be fixed.