Old Replays

I understand that old versions of the game will create recorded games that the new version of the game cannot play. However I have unreadable game files or fames I want to be able to watch forever. And no, using a video capture software does not solve the problem since unlike the in game recording, it is unable to do things like look around the map. How do I downgrade? Is there an official way to do this? If there are 3rd party ways, how do I guarantee it’s safe?

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Are there official ways to downgrade? There are sometimes beta branches you can switch to on Steam, but those still are available only for a limited time.

Are there unofficial ways to downgrade? I think there are tools for Steam that let you downgrade, and some people have managed to use them for Aoe2. But unfortunately I don’t know of a current Aoe2 tool/project that’s maintained for switching versions.

I’ve used this tool in the recent past

I didn’t really bother to check the source code and build it for myself, but it’s probably all open source, so you could theoretically check it’s safe.
Edit there are some built files inside the repository, so you sadly cannot check the source code completely. I also only see Depotpatches until early this year, so maybe it does not allow downgrade to any recent patch.


Why can’t they just give us replay codes for earlier versions?

I think there is a limit to the number of beta branches games can have on steam, so relying on that for going back to all previous patches isn’t possible.

But why they keep the “previous live” semi-private for only tournaments instead of making it public, I don’t know.

How does T90 cast old school games from the early days of aoe2? Is he just using the old AoK / AoC version of the game?

Those recs still work on the version they were played on, yes. And when we made WK we ensured that people could downgrade to previous versions too, so those recs wouldn’t loose compatibility.

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I don’t think there is Paradox have like a gazillion. I don’t have many things like to say about that publisher, but at elast they do let people downgrade.