“Old” revolutions need more cards

I mean the “new” revolutions since DE.
Several Mexican revolutions have even bigger decks than all other revolutions. As you can revolt and counter-revolt to adjust your strategy, and as there is not enough xp for you to send every single card in a game, the majority of these cards will never be used. Feels like a waste of creativity to me.

In the meantime old revolutions are still quite unbalanced. Some offer fewer card choices than others. I think they should also get some updates in the future, like how Egypt gets a few more mercenaries with the African dlc.

US dlc also gave some updates to outlaws and mercs generally, so the Mexico dlc may be a good opportunity to update revolutions.


At the very least, immigrant cards in the style of the USA one are a must for the other revolutions. That’s what should have been done when the USA was added


i think its worth pointing out that a lot of the Mexican cards are not going to be that good for an industrial age situation, like some of them are pretty cool but as an example 700 coin, wood and food crates are not really a competitive option by late industrial.

¿Y si les dan a las revoluciones un mazos personalizable y acceso a mas cartas?

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I wonder if that would actually be possible with the game mechanics (who knows. I would never have expected something like federal state cards before US).


No creo que sea difícil implementar un sub menú para editar las barajas de las revoluciones y darles acceso a las cartas de la metrópoli original

Chile con sus cartas características y con acceso a las cartas de la metrópoli española

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Here’s my ideas for Canada

Last Best West- Gives a covered wagon and two saloon wagons and upgrades existing taverns to saloons. (increases saloon and tc build limit and enables training of US outlaws.)

Ceremonial Guard- Ships grenadiers.

Mounted Police- Gives buffed and reskinned Carbine Cavalry that can build trading posts and enables their training at stables.

Klondike Gold Rush- Ships 3 prospector wagons.

Provincial Forest- Every house spawns 2 pine trees and settler units slowly generate xp while gathering from trees.

Big Game Hunting- Sends an assortment of pet polar bears, grizzly bears, and cougars to each enemy military shipment point. They have a huge xp kill bounty and give coin to the player that killed them as well.

Numbered Treaties- Sends a few crates of books plus a Random effect: Spawns a coal prospector wagon but decreases the build limits of all native units, spawns dear and a school of fish, sends a shipment of cree warriors, sends surgeons and mounted police, sends four light cannons. (can be sent up to 11 times)


Mounted Police should probably just be a default unit.

Provincial Forest - I get you’re trying to represent the extensive forests but early Canadian pioneers were all about clearing forests to make the land livable, not adding to it. A card that greatly increases the yield and slightly increases the gather rate would be a better fit. This would encapsulate the struggle of trying to clear the land and give you access to extra wood.

Big Game Hunting - I don’t understand this one. You want to give your enemy units?

Numbered Treaties - This sounds way too convoluted

Here are a few more that would fit:

Canadian Pacific Railway - Ships 2 trade post wagons and makes trade post upgrades free. This project is so important that Canada likely wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been completed.

Hudson Bay Company - Forts generate gold


Doukhobors Immigrants - Ships Russian settlers and a mill wagon. Gather rates on mills greatly increased (they were notable for the Doukhobor women pulling plows in the absence of Oxen).

Loyalist Immigrants - Ships a covered wagon and enables minutemen to be called repeatedly like the USA

Irish Immigrants - Same as the card USA has

The big game card is meant to give your enemies liability units. Pets aren’t that powerful usually and these ones would give large amounts of xp and coin as a bounty to the player that gets the kill. They can’t delete them either since all enemies get xp bounty in the case of deleted units. The treaty card is a bit ambitious and self-indulgent I will admit. I wanted to make something that reflected the history and got a little carried away.

I would be happy, with only selectiong like an age up, and not an “all in” strategy, and not throwing away my deck cards. With this aditional line would be so much better. Being hopeless for any update for the best game mechanic.

thought of some for Haiti

General Buffs
*Pirates spawn faster from town center and tavern.
*increases tavern build limit
*All shipments come with one treasure wagon. This works like a prospector wagon but instead unpacks into a random treasure with the collapsed wagon texture and spawns guardians to protect it.

New Cards
*Renegade Poles- Same as the Pulaskis legion card for USA
*Ancestral faiths- ships griots and native healers
*Morenos Libres- Revolutionaries train slower but have more hp and a grenade seige attack that can be used against buildings.
*Jesuit Allies- Allows Jesuit technologies and units at the native embassy
*Piquets- Ships Piquets (reskinned and restated insurgentes) and allows them to be trained at mills and estates
*Cacos- Ships Haitian Cacos (renegados with the ability to enter stealth)

After Mexico release, I feel that each rev should have a full fledged deck thats roughly comparable to depth that the Mexican age IV revs give us (Texas, Cali, Maya). Its possible that may be overkill since some civs have up to 5, but I think it can be handled with some adjustments.

I just got through playing just about every one of the old revs by saving skirmish games at age IV and cycling through them - some def feel they need some oomph. These were really exciting when they first came out but barring some like South Africa, most really dont seem super viable. Theres also a bit of a disparity between ones that keep their vills like Canada and some of the South American ones, I realize that can be hard to balance.