Older Main Menu

I want an older main menu just like age of kings. The new main menu needs a lot of clicking and I genuinely hate it with full passion. Someone help me find a mod if it exists. Or it is a good idea for a new mod.

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Something like this? I mean, it doesn’t sound bad, but the artwork matters a lot when considering changes like these.

The classic one looks something like this:

While I like the background (and the font style a lot, which is missing in the Definitive Edition for some reason!!), I still prefer the new background and user interface in general terms. Though, it is nice to have some feedback on the current state of visuals in this game, as it still needs a revision, no matter how little.

The first one of course. It has a lot of nostalgia behind it. I want my game to look like it was in looking 2008. Is there any mod which does this thing?