On behalf on VietNam Gaming Community, I am begging you to make the 1.0a Farm Bug an option!Please!

As we all now that there was a Farm Bug in 1.0a which is “When both a farmer and Farm are selected at the same time, pressing “S” causes the farm to replenish the amount of food available.” This bug had been fixed in the 1.0c patch but the problem is in my country which is Viet Nam and China we never play the 1.0c Version of the original AoE so the Farm Bug has evolved into a feature.

Even now, AoE is still one of the most loved franchise and has a very large player base which is all adults, possesses a steady income, and very much willing to pay for this product!
There are still many tournaments being held with plenty of viewers and they are even willing to pay and donate money just to WATCH and KEEP the game alive here in Vietnam.
Daily, there are always more than 10k players online in Garena Plus and peak at 30-40k at the weekend.
Tons of threads, articles are being discussed here in Viet Nam about the changes in AOE DE. Most of them are about the removal of the farm bug and a lot of us agree that this action would kill the game in our particular market.
So as a VERY die-hard fan, and as the voice of Viet Nam Community, I am begging you to keep the Farm Bug as an option!

Thank you!

There should be no bugs left in the game. If that “feature” is so important for you, you can still keep playing on 1.0a

The VIetnam community is huge, I’ve see these tournaments and videos on YouTube and am astounded it’s even real and have been going on for so many years.

I didn’t realise the farm bug was a thing but if it is an important feature to the that community I think it is absolutely imperative that it’s maintained somehow. Especially since the community is so large and it would be wrong to abandon then when finally their game is getting some attention.

My solution would be a toggle hidden in the options menu. So that ordinary users can play the game the intended way but those that evolved with the bug can continue to use it as a feature. I would however, if I were in charge, turn it into more of a feature still

So instead of having to time it right and select the farm & farmer and then press ‘S’. I’d make it so that farms just provide an unlimited source of food (like they do in Age of Empires 3). Though in AOE3 farms do cost significantly more than in other age games. So perhaps it would be pertinent to increase their cost as well so that other food sources become more viable. (Or are they already viable? I think the Vietnam/China community NEED to be consulted on these issues).

It’s their game and has been for a very long time now. And they’ll be the ones left playing in years to come

Yes i think a mod or an option to get a farm with unlimited food would do the job.

A mod would do fine. The developers should not be expected to leave bugs into their game.

So pressing S makes the farm replenish for free or does it take 75w and then replenish?

As for the esports part, it is amazing, that after almost 20 years of AoE there is still an active competitive playerbase, we can only hope that we will get the right tools in game so that the game can also become important in the west.

@qweytr24 said:
A mod would do fine. The developers should not be expected to leave bugs into their game.

I’m actually surprised how people can claim otherwise, especially since the official and supported version of the game shoud be the latest one, not a previous one.

Plus I find it hard to believe that by removing a glitch the majority of the playerbase would refuse to buy and support the DE.

Thank you all for the response, but i want to clarify something first!
I’m not suggesting to keep the bug, i’m suggesting that the dev can make this an option like the Enable Cheat option or Fixed Position option.
I am just a concerned fan, i want AoE to keep on being an report in Vietnam and even grow larger.

Unlimited good sounds too easy if i might say so.
Keeping the same functionality may be diffucult so i think that we Vietnamese people will be happy with a similar function.
Maybe charge some woods for each time you do the replenishment.
Again i’m doing this out of my heart for the game!
Please support the thread. Thank you very much!

I agree, but I doubt it will happen. Do the developers even look at all these topics?

@BridalParsley95 said:
Maybe charge some woods for each time you do the replenishment.

Wouldn’t this be the exact same thing as playing the patched game? :smiley:

@BlazingGaming13 said:
I agree, but I doubt it will happen. Do the developers even look at all these topics?

They do look at least at some of the discussions, but pretty much all the decision related to gameplay have already been done and are therefore unlikely to change. The beta will be mostly to fix bugs and to tweak balance.

Nothing is free is this world --> you have to pay 75 wood for each farm you make

This should certainly only be allowed in a mod. Age of Empires was always a game where you had to manage resources. Yes, AoE3 had a lot of unlimited resources but the big advantage in having limited resources is that the games will end at a certain point as there are no resources left to fight with. Reimplementing a bug that caused the farms to produce unlimited food would remove an important aspect of the game.

I am reminded of this XKCD page.

All jokes aside though, if the Vietnam scene truly has evolved to require the economic micromanagement implied by this bug, perhaps the devs could add an optional farm interface containing a button (shortcut “S”) which fulfills the same function. Refilling a farm either for free, or for a nominal fee. (Depending on how the bug works; I have no knowledge of it.) It would need to be optional to enable/disable for all players in a multiplayer game obviously.

If having the option ruins your game, just don’t enable it. I can’t imagine why having more options could ever be seen as a bad thing.

@WolfieInu said:
I am reminded of this XKCD page.
Jep, same here. :slight_smile:

(…) I can’t imagine why having more options could ever be seen as a bad thing.
Well, sounds easy enough from the perspective of a user. But from the perspective of the developers, this is another feature that needs to be integrated into the game logic, UI logic, etc.
You need automatic tests to make sure it will not break anything else. And you need to consider balance, fairness and if it fits into the concept as a whole.

At this point, I am 100% sure this “bug/feature” will not be part of AoE DE.

As I did earlier, however, I strongly vote for easy modding of the game since it has shown countless times the modding scene can prolong a game. See aokheaven, which still has interesting new modding content emerge (for Age of Empires 2 mainly).

As the “feature” you talk about was a bug fixed in a patch of the game that you never played, you should be happy to be getting a bug-fixed version of the game to play on instead of begging that a bug be intentionally left in the game. Some players don’t like bugs.

Also, I don’t foresee mods allowing such a thing in the future as the game is set to release in the Windows 10 Store, not in Steam. So being able to add this yourself is unlikely.

@BridalParsley95: Maybe: this would help. 2nd mod.

If the developlers fix this bug in AOE DE, we have to keep playing on 1.0a version.
This bug does not make food free totally, you must keep your eye on your farm and press “S” before it out of food. It is like “trading” in AOE 2 can make gold.

i’m one of vietnamese AOE players and i’m agree with this topic.
to make the game more convenient and keep developing in viet nam, im not suggest bring this bug back for free, need to charge little woods for each time players do the replenishment (ex: 30 wood per farm)
because we all hate hearing the sound of out of food farm and gotta build those farms again.
Or you make those farm like AOE 2: 1 click rebuild farm, at least we don’t have to choose position for those