On Michi Strongest Civ With Infinite Resources

With the game set to infinite resources, 500 pop and Post IMP. Who do you think be the strongest civ?

Edit: Map is michi. You can’t rush very easily without breaking the trees down first.

And also strongest team of civs in 4v4.

Persians of course.

After them:

  • Other Elephant Civs, especially Khmer
  • Siege Onager Civs
  • Paladin Civs
  • Byzantines with Catas.

There is no strongest civ or unit because an infinite resources Conquest game can never end :rofl:


Maybe the franks, because they can train powerful paladins from many stables really fast. I am not certain, whether civilizations depending on unique units do so well, because they have to build castles and so can’t compete with frankish stables production speed. It also takes time until population limit of 500 is reached, so the franks should keep population advantage over castle-dependant civs for long time.

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1v1 maybe huns? You start spamming tark in enemy bases without letting him to build houses

You need to specify more the settings (map, threaty, water, etc). If you can rush, then Huns. You would get 500 pop faster than any other. For a late 500 pop, Celts or Ethiopians mass Siege Onagers attack ground (nothing can reach that, you need mass cobra cars or another mass of SO to counter 11).


I edited the map to be michi. The lord of all non rush maps.

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For 4x4 with unlimited res:

  1. Turks. Just spam bombard towers everywhere, push with cannons and defend with heavy camels and sipahi cav archer.
  2. Khemee/Persian mostly for elefants
  3. Mongols/Celts/Ethiopians/Korean for siege onager
  4. Another heavy cav or siege onagee civ.

On open maps I would say
4x huns all spamming paladin and tartans

On a Michi map, it’s all about ranged siege units to punch through the woods and get mobile units into the clearing and do damage. You need a civ that has good siege and a fast moving power unit like a paladin, camel, or Mangudai. A few other civs like Celts that don’t have the latter can work but that combination is important. In no particular order my fav civs for Michi are:

Mongols: fast siege allows you to outmicro defending Bombard Cannons and your rams can fly in and take down Bombard Towers. The speed allows you to attack ground with Siege Onagers and then retreat back quickly. Mangudai are incredibly good for taking out enemy siege and can even clean up a lot of paladins.

Turks: Extra range bombard towers and bombard cannons, 100 HP Sipahi HCA, FU Heavy Camels, Jannissaries, and Siege Ram is a strong combo.

Teutons: Only civ that gets Paladin, Siege Onager, and Bombard Cannon with Siege Engineers. That’s a fantastic combo. Bombard Towers help too. Teutonic Knights are great for defending your own siege especially when you have infinite resources.

Persians: War Elephants are pretty unstoppable with infinite res, backed up by Heavy Scorps, Bombard Cannons, Siege Rams, and Paladins.

Ethiopians: Best siege in the game gets you pretty far. They lack a mobile cav unit which hurts but isn’t a deal breaker.

Koreans: Long range onagers are a huge help in Michi, plus extra range Keeps, bombard towers, War Wagons are tanky, and Bombard Cannons.

Celts: Their siege carries them and having Paladin actually helps even though their missing some upgrades, it’s still a strong unit especially with infinite res.

Saracens: Having Siege Onager, Bombard Cannon, and Siege Ram is huge. 170 HP camels and mamelukes shred all cavalry that can try to kill your siege.

Khmer: They were high on the list but losing Bombard Cannon hurts them. Still powerful though. You have to open a wide chokepoint though to make it work without Bombard Cannons.

The next tier down has civs like Burmese, Vietnamese, Slavs, Bulgarians, Cumans, Lithuanians, Franks, Spanish.

All the other civs are pretty far below these ones because Michi is a very different map, and infinite resources is always going to favor civs with powerful late game unit compositions, not eco bonuses or military cost discounted units.

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