On Steamdb, age3de has not uploaded content for six days, which is not seen in nearly a year

On Steamdb, age3de has not uploaded content for six days, which is not seen in nearly a year,

aoe4 is updating pup content every day now, can it be considered that devs are going to help aoe4 to complete the new flc。


I noticed that too. Since June the updates have decreased greatly, now sometimes it is only a couple of entries per day. Perhaps things have been restructured meaning less activity on steamdb? I don’t know. AoE2DE has been looking pretty normal though.


The second anniversary for 3 DE, and the first anniversary of AOE 4 are now close, and AOE 2 DE with their third anniversary for november, I think FE is just preparing more changes for the older games.

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We could expect slower updates. AOE2DE updates also became slower (~2 months period) into the third year after release.
The only difference is that AOE3DE updates also come with some in game contents.

They really dont want to update ports thats my guess.


I’m not sure how the lack of steamdb activity is at all related to port tweaks.

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Usually helps if you have a sense of humour. :wink:


It’s been 7 days without an update, sad

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Of course, in October the anniversary event for the three aoe games is coming…

Of course, they are working on too many games, it is very tight the thing…

Don’t worry.

They will update AoE3 (or they are already). I think they are keeping things secret for October.

u guys do know that the pup is usually released on a thursday or a tuesday right?

There are usually small and unpublished updates recorded by steamsdb, meaning someone is testing them.

FE is taking everything, aoe2, aoe3, and aoe4 too now.

They probably don’t have enough people.

Yes, they are not enough with the devs they have, that’s why they are hiring more people…