On the matter of Steppe Lancer

I’m here to talk to you because, apparently, your best players have failed you.
I’m gonna tell you something, people.
There’s only one thing that matters in this world, and that’s being the best.
Your strategy guide teaches you guys to be strong, but it does not mention Steppe Lancer.
You got anything to say about that, TheViper?
You see, people don’t look up to losers.
They look up to people who play Cumans.
And every time I beat another player with Steppe Lancers, I feel better.
And that’s why Cuman players are the best! Because Cumans doesn’t get beat.
We need to work out how Steppe Lancer can be the best at everything! So Steppe Lancer will beat any other unit any time, anywhere!

Yeah. But pallisaded monks make them my Steppe Lancers, so t’is all right.

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Cumans is a topic on itself, cumans having step lancers AND even a movement speed on them is a different thing. Cumans need a nerf (even slower building time for the 2nd tc in feudal as example) and step lancers need a nerf without considering Cumans with them in combination.

Good suggestion. I agree, when Steppe Lancer sees monk he should throw his spear at the monk killing him instantly. Range 10.

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When a monk attempts to convert a Steppe Lancer, the Steppe Lancer should convert the monk instead. Then the monk can heal the Steppe Lancer for being such an excellent unit.


The other day I played against the cumans 1vs1 ranked and I beat their step lancers back to fantasy land… they were like “My Liege, ‘tis the old wound! I am smited!” … I was Bulgarian. True story.