Onagering on Amazon Tunnel makes me really salty

Yeah I just lost to it. Don’t do it, it’s the lamest strat. If you can’t win the mid you don’t deserve to win. Even walling your base doesn’t help much because their Onagers still shred through your walls and you have to divert everything towards it. If there’s a way to beat the strat, I don’t know it, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.

Yes, I will continue to cry more, thanks for asking. Feel free to share any strats that make you saltier than the Dead Sea.


Was that you who posted about map-cutting on the official Discord server, not too long ago?
I can understand loathing particular strats, but deliberately going to multiple places just to complain about how mad it makes you is pretty damn immature. Especially if you insult the users of said strat by claiming that they don’t deserve to win.

Is there anything in particular that you’re trying to accomplish by posting here?


Nope, I just felt like throwing my opinion into the infinite void of the cyberspace :man_shrugging:

Depending on the civ matchups, winning mid isnt going to be a realistic option all the time.


Yeah I think more than most maps Amazon Tunnel relies on the civ matchups. For my view it’s like Black Forest on steroids in terms of good civs for the map.

Onager cutting does not always work out how you want it to. I was in a game where my team lost the wall battle, but the opposition could not overrun us, in fact we were pushing their forward. They Onager cut, just to run into my Kreposts, and they not only lost the raiding force, but those tunnels became our team’s forward.

Then you understand why this

Is not a realistic answer right?


1-Build outposts around your base so you can see the onagers coming.
2- win the match before it reaches this point, or better yet, play a different map lol

Tree cutting is a legitimate strat, it’s the perfect counter to these “easy to wall - chokepoint” maps. It’s something you have to expect when playing these maps. Since you weren’t expecting it and it worked, it seems like it was a deserved win for the enemy xD

The best way to help out would be to watch the replay and point out a few things that you might have done wrong, if you want i can do that. We don’t even know the civ matchups, kinda hard to help.

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