Onde está o hussardo alado? (where is the winged hussar?)

Queria ver os hussardo polones mas esta como iguais aos outros normais, tem uma forma de deixa-los como a aparência original?

(I wanted to see the Polish hussar but this one is just like the other normal ones, does it have a way of making them look like the original?)


In the original AoE3, they also looked lik this. They never put a proper “Winged Hussar” model in the game.

Exactly. I think the only way to see Winged Hussars is to wait for DLC with Poland :wink:

Anyway, it is quite a misunderstanding to give Uhlans and “Winged” Hussars to the Germans. Poland and Germany were probably the biggest enemies in the last 1000 years in middle Europe with long history of conflicts and still one of the most known polish units were added to German nation in the game.

Poland was a military and economic powerhouse in XV-XVII centuries figthing with Sweden, Ottomans, Russians, Germany (all of them present in the game) and others. I would really love to see them in the game.



Home City

Capital - Cracow
Personality - Sigismund II Augustus or Sigismund III Vasa



Cossack Archer (Age 2)
Skirmisher (Royal Guard)


Winged Hussar (Charge attack with a lance like Coustillier (AoE2) but than switch to saber) (Age 4)
Cavalry Archer (Royal Guard)
Pancerny (use czekan/pickax) (Age 3)

Artillery Foundry

Horse Artillery

Unique Features

Szlachcic is a hero (cavalery unit, can train a Hussar. 3 limit.).

The villagers are weak, but quicker to train.

Combined cards for Villagers and economic buildings form the Home City.
For example Age 1 is Market Wagon plus 3 Villagers.

They have a new building - Folwark (combination of the Farm and Livestock Pen).

As an elective monarchy they get completely unique politicians.

Skirmisher and Cavalry Archer have upgrade (royal guard):

  • Skirmisher - Piechota

  • Cavalry Archer - Lisowczyk

Potential polish civ should also have poor artillery, and quite weak infantry, but powerfull cavalry.

Prussia, which is also covered by the Germans civ, had Uhlan corps.
Anyway, they should just rename that card to Death’s Head Hussars, and the unit to Death’s Head Hussar, since those were the elite of the Prussian Cavalry.

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Flag of Poles

Home city: Cracow

Sigismund II Augustus or Sigismund III Vasa


Houses (Industrial/Imperial Age)


Cossack Archer

Winged Hussar


In my opinion, Uhlan should replace the current Hussar - in the Germans and potential Poles and Austrians. The Hussar (present in the game) is nothing like the Winged Hussars. Winged Hussars had lances and they used flintlock pistols.

They should be a completely new unit in the game.

Of course you are right about Uhlans. They were used in many country in Europe (also in Germany/Prussia).

However as Wikipedia says “The Polish uhlans became the model for many general-purpose cavalry units throughout Europe as use of traditional declined starting in the early 19th century”.

So if Poland is added to AoE3, Uhlans and Winger Hussars should be there :smiley:

My other idea is a history-based function unique to Poles.

"Folwark System"
Production <Folwark <Dworek

Dworek - manor house of Polish nobility
It would be a building without which Folwark’s cannot be built. You could train and upgrade Szlachcic in it and increase the limit of Dworek’s through upgrades. There are three Folwark’s per Dworek. Without upgrades, you can only build one Dworek at the start.

First upgrade: +1 to the limit for building Dworek’s
Second upgrade: +1 to the limit for building Dworek’s
The third upgrade: +2 to the limit for building Dworek’s

With all upgrades, we can have 5 Dworek’s and a maximum of 15 Folwark’s.

Polish hero horse unit with a mace. Can build Trading Post and Town Center. Can train Winged Hussars by using the Home City card. Limit one per Dworek. In its vicinity, Settlers move and work slightly more efficiently than a normal Settler - Polish Settlers have weaker stats than the rest, but they are still the same unit and use the same model as the Russians and Germans. The presence of the Szlachcic improves their effectiveness, and even makes them slightly better than the rest of the Settlers.

Merger of Mill with Livestock Pen and Estate. Initially there would be a limit of 3 Folwark’s. It could switch production (food or gold) and feed livestock at the same time.





In this graphic, the number 5 is the Dworek, and the surrounding buildings are farm buildings.

I see that you are prepared for this discussion :smiley:

This coud be also very interesting Polish unit:

We do not have any similar unit in the game I think. They appeared quite late because in XVIII century but bring terror to the enemies who usually run away when they see them.

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I am not saying they should not.
I would like a Polish civ, with or without Uhlans.

It is indisputable fact that Prussia used Uhlan regiments, however. The original devs gaver Uhlans to Germany, along with a Winged Hussars card, because they had no plans to introduce Poland.

What I am against, is breaking Germans into 2 civs. We do not need Austrians.
I would rather get Polish, Danes and Italians. Zweihanders, Tilly and Wallenstein are already enough of a nod to the HRE, which was mainly ruled from Austria as it was.

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Exactly :smiley:

I much prefer “modern” Austria to the “medieval” one.

Austria has the right to be the new civ - it was a European power and definitely stood out from the rest of the German states. They created a multinational state. This is definitely better than “medieval” Austria, which was boring.



Austria was the HRE until 1806, so it is not Medieval. AoE3 does not go beyond the 1800s.

It would be irrelevant to have 2 German civs. Better spend the effort and design space in other civs taht are not just a break-off of an existig civ.

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But here HRE doesn’t matter …

The Austrians created their own civilization different from the rest of the Germans.

They can present what was missing in AoE 3 - the representation of Central Europe, which was inhabited by numerous nations.

Germany is simply Germany, no matter if they represent HRE or a reunified Germany - this is typically a German civ.
Austria was different, definitely different - open to otherness. Compare the ethnic maps of Austria and Germany from that period.

Austria should be a separate civ and has a lot to offer.

Not until 1806, which is very late for this game.

There was no Germany. Germany was many nations, all part of the HRE.
That is why it is a civilization called Germans, and not a country called Germany anymore.


Home City

Capital - Vienna
Personality - Maria Theresa von Habsburg



Pandurs Weak unit (Age 2)
Hajduk (Royal Guard) Archer with axe (Age 2)
Musketeer (Age 3)


War Wagon (replace from Germans)
Dragoon (Royal Guard)

Artillery Foundry

Horse Artillery

Unique Features

They age up by dynastic marriages. For example:
Age II:

  • Spanish Princess: Ships 200 Coin + War Dog (Explorer can be trained)
  • French Princess: Ships 3 Coureur des Bois + The Explorer can use Hot Air Baloon
  • Dutch Princess: Bank Wagon + 2 semi-fattened Cows

They have a unique unit of scout - Goral (with Shepherd’s axe).

Hajduk and Dragoon have upgrade (royal guard):

  • Hajduk - Grenz
  • Dragoon - Kaiser Dragoner

These small German states were much less diverse in terms of nationality and culture.

It would be a pity to waste the Austrians’ enormous potential and make them equal to the rest of the Germans.

Definitely not!

Peasants with converted scythes are not something worth adding to the game. Poland had many interesting units - I do not want to see the Peasants with scythes at the expense of the Cossacks, Lisowczyk and Pancernyc.

Besides, that would be the weakest unit in the game.

You are right. This needs to be reworked. Training Uhlans and the Uhlans bonus per card, must be from Poland and not Germany.
Germany must have another bonus and stop being the “Uhlan-civ”

They are never going to fundamentally redesign a whole civ.

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