One important detail about Jeanne

If jeanne is this powerful unit that creates more units, lets just blow her away with a cannon (yes, the way units were blown away by cannons in AoE3, that was fantastic…). What happens if she dies??? What is the mechanic?

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Game over. Shes a landmark harry.

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yeah but she can’t be invincible… I mean she is a human unit after all… will she be repaired by villagers or what? There has to be some trick to it… if not this is way too OP

She will respawn like the Khan does, every time she dies it will take longer for her to respawn.
I don’t know wether she’ll lose her “XP”.

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oh perfect, so the trick is to kill her asap every time she shows up until the player can’t depend on her anymore and since the whole civ revolves around her, its gg.

I don’t know man, but that could indeed be the case