One last nerf to Incas and Japan, and we don't ask anymore

most of japan’s shipments that can be sent twice kinda suck tho. 5 yumi is like 500res, they dont get 700 crates or 5v, or any of the other power shipments age 2, and generally cannot reliably get a tp due to housing costs, slow start, etc. . Of all the balance and design issues japan has, the 2x shipments are pretty low down on the list.


IIRC they also don’t have infinite shipments.

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Yeah your right, they are suppose to be worse than average, balancing out getting an extra copy of a shipment. Reason they have 600 resource shipments instead of 700 in age 2. I agree, that isn’t what makes them strong.

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People who think the shrines should be nerfed really have not a single clue what they are talking about. Shrines in your base is a free gift. They cost a lot of time and resources to build for the Japan player, but provide free xp for you when you destroy them using just a couple of pikes, or even villagers. AND JAPAN CANNOT HUNT, which is why Japan has THE WEAKEST ECO IN THE ENTIRE GAME and why it is unplayable competitively. Don’t ask for nerfs when you don’t know what you are talking about, because the devs who are complete idiots listened to this bad advice and already nerfed Japan to death. Nobody plays it below rank 1200 or so.

Edit: Some people got confused by the rank thing. There is a rank system now in AOE 3 DE, such as the lower the rank, the better. For instance, rank 1000 is better than rank 1200. So I meant that nobody plays Japan below rank 1200 because it is too under-powered to “climb down” the ladder. Only noobs think that Japan is OP because they don’t understand how it works. Problem is that the devs listened to the noobs, and now Japan is nerfed to death competitively.

Since when does Japan has the weakest eco in the game ?
And since when is Japan unplayable competitively ?

A few months ago, Japan felt literally like a “middle of the pack civ”, like here for instance:

What happened since then ?

I may be wrong, but I often just feel that people asking for japan buffs only want them to be OP like pre DE and people asking for nerfs just remember of their pre DE state…

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bellow rank 1200 elo :crazy_face:

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2 civilizations hard to touch, playing against is a finger ## ### ### every time. Japan the problem is the immortal units that has then the rest do not even say.

If no one plays it better for my health, it is the strongest civ there is when used correctly, but also complex at the same time.

its not, japan is actually not that good and slow, what the point to have immortal unit like you said ( which is wrong ) if you can’t make a proper batch of 5 immortal unit before 7 min xD ( ofc i exxagerate but you see what i mean ), im not a big fan of japan but japan currently its not that good really

In fact i implore you guys to stop let japan boom for like 10 min and siege shrine push rush idk, stop being passive against japan and maybe youll see how slow is japan
letting japan boom for free mean you lose the game, pretty simple


So it is ranking or elo…bellow or below or above.

I assume you meant to say nobody plays it above 1200 elo. You basically said no noobs play japan lol.

The problem with the huaraca is that not even its skirmish function can perform well since its slow firing animation makes the musketeers or other guerrillas get enough to trade a huaraca, what should happen is that the huaraca becomes a pure siege unit and anti artillery but also improve the jungle bow better so that it can be a better skirmish than it already is, it could be that the “tupac revolution” card is passed to third and its only effect is to turn the jungle bow into “pishtacos” or “runa rifles” that would be a better skirmish for the Incas.

I’d much rather they rework Huracas into something more like an Abus Gun or Fire Thrower and then let Incas train Light Cannons from the Stronghold to take care of artillery. The Incas actually used artillery, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have access to it.

If there’s any WoL unit that they should get access to it should be the Manco Horseman. Even if it was only available in a limited form like Spahi, it would be great to have.


I never let Japan play because after 10 minutes with many civ it becomes a problem to manage it, it is not even easy to ruse it because a good player makes walls, tc fire, militia card if necessary or combat with the seattlers this obviously means that I will have some advantages but its economy is mobile it is not all there, however it is feasible in 1v1 except if you have against h2o without rust. In 2v2, however, it is very hard to deal with it if you don’t have the right civilizations. I just remember that it is feasible but very difficult to play against.

It must be clarified that this post was made before the changes to the Huaraca. Before the huaraca had 20 range, 40 attack and siege damage. He killed anything that came his way. Now with the new changes, it doesn’t trade well against light infantry and cavalry (balanced imo). I agree with the buff for the archer to the jungle and that the huaraca is an anti artillery.

Si este tema ya cumplió su propósito, ¿Por qué no lo borras?.

PD: Espero que los desarrolladores agreguen la capacidad de borrar viejas publicaciones y crear temas temporales.

Envidio tu capacidad para borrar y cerrar tus propios temas. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Buena idea 21
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