One more change to the hotkeys.. a message to the devs

I would like to be able to assign my mouse wheel and for sure many others feel the same. This is at the moment not possible. Im used to it from AoE2 where it was possible… and i dont want to open X mouse button control everytime. So please change this.


I subscribe to this. In AoE2 I was using scroll up and scroll down from the mouse wheel to recruit different type of units.

Also, last time I played AoE4, extra mouse buttons didnt work either, are they working now?

  1. some branded companies (aka razor) allow to map setting per game.
    may be you can find same mapping solution

  2. I thought you can change manually config file (*.json) for hotkeys to write here “wheel+up” and it will work. (can be wrong).

this program does it, for any mouse and also generic

I can make a note of this in the report to the devs. Any other hotkey improvements people would like me to include as well?



Just accept every key input, for mapping in literally every way, that would be great. The randomness in whether or not you can A) map a certain key sequence, and B) which hotkeys will actually accept what you want, is quite off putting.

This is only tangentially related to hotkeys. Smart Select still does not work. It does nothing in this game.

If you look at how it works in AoE2 box select will grab only military if there are military and villagers in the box.

Then hotkeys are used to change the behavior. For example holding shift while box selecting will select everything and holding alt while box selecting will select villagers only, etc…


Have you tested this? Does it work?

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