One option would be to build the "Ovoo" in ERA II

“Mongols Update”
One option would be to build the “Ovoo” in ERA II.

One option would be to build the “Ovoo” in ERA II.
(Only from the Age II !)

What do they do until then?

Then the Mongols are not aggressive civ.

I suggested that “Ovoo” would only give its bonuses to mounted units.
That way the Mongols would not have cheap and strong infantries with 2x training and unique upgrades.
And is more predictable as the Mongols would focus on cavalry.


Mongols need to remain aggressive. They have no walls and keeps. Nothing should be done to change their oppressive identity.

All they need to do is reduce the early game efficiency of the ovoo. So Dark Age and Fedual age(before a new upgrade) stone required for that second military unit should be 1.3 stone to every 1 resource of the base unit. Example a Spearman cost 60 food and 20 wood which is 80 resources. So to use the double production on Spearman you’ll need 80 + 104(1.3*80) resources.

Now allow a feudal age ovoo upgrade that improves the military use of stone for units to become more efficient. Say starting at dark age it’s 1.3 stone per resource then feudal age upgrade improves it to 1.2 stone per resource and last a castle upgrade that returns it back to 1 stone per resource.

The cost of the upgrades should make sense but obviously require some type of an investment.

Likewise the very same outcome can be achieved if they significantly reduce the early ovoo auto generation rate then allow upgrades throughout the ages to improve the rate.

Last concept that still has the similar outcome but allows Mongol to use stone as a burst of power rather than a free trickle semi infinite prowess IS TO CAP the total stone allowed to bank!!

For example have the cap in Dark age be 300 stone. Then have a feudal age upgrades of 2 or more additional tiers. Then in castle have an upgrade that makes it uncapped.

Using a cap system would allow an actively aggressive Mongol player to be pretty much just as aggressive with efficient use of the stone before it caps. However what having the cap would prevent the Mongol player banking an unrealistic amount of early stone to start feudal age where they can now super spam infantry AND make an additional TC. The cap would force them to either play aggressively and efficiently with the early stone as not to saturate OR save the cap stone for an early feudal TC. OR heavy military play BUT NOT BOTH a TC AND double military production.

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