One villager gets added to scout control group

Game Version:

  • Build : 101.101.34793.0 4597979
  • Platform : Steam


When the game starts, I use control group 3 for my scout, 1&2 for sheep. I eventually assign the villagers under the TC to 2, and the boar luring vill to 1. At some point in every game, always between pop 11 and pop 15, one random villager gets added to control group 3 - so it’s no longer just my scout, but my scout plus a villager. Happened for the last 5 games in a row.

(Edit to add that I was playing a series of casual 1v1 ai games with the extreme ai, random land map yesterday, and that’s when this happened. Persisted after restarting the game).

(Edit 2: Sometimes the control group 1 sheep gets added to control group 3 instead).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play a 21/22 pop man-at-arms build order with any civ - so send 6 to sheep, then 4 to wood, then 1 to boar, etc…
  2. As soon as the game starts, build 2 houses, then use control groups 1 and 2 for two scouting sheep and 3 for the scout cavalry. Send the other 2 sheep under the TC and proceed as normal.
  3. When you have six vills under your TC, send the third sheep back (in a scouting arc) to the TC and control group these six vills under group 2.
  4. When you lure boars, control group the one villager under group 1.
  5. At some point between pop 11 and pop 15, a villager gets “added” to control group 3 along with the scout. So far, it’s always been one of the villagers that was not under the TC.

Maybe you accidentally pressed shift+3 while villager/sheep was selected? This appends him to control group 3.

I’d normally think that was unlikely, but since no one else seems to have this problem that’s probably what’s happening. Can I disable this shift key behaviour?

You can surely remap your current shift key function.

Yes, it is hotkey named as “Append to group 3” or smth.