Online multiplayer dead

Not sure if this is an issue with me alone, but last few weeks there have been little to no online multiplayer games that I’m finding on any server to play. About a month ago there were at least 12+ games to chose from. I joined a basic BF 3v3 game on a Europe server and it took 30 minutes just to get enough players to play 2v2. Not sure how in a matter of weeks it went from plenty of online games to chose from to maybe one or two across all servers now. Does not matter the time of day. I’ve tried logging in and out of Xbox live restarting my computer check my internet and seem to be running fine. Any ideas on bugs or issues or did people just all stop playing at once?

bought from microsoft? port it on steam and go

Playing on Xbox game pass on PC

i think you can still add it on steam

Thanks I’ll give this a go and see if it helps!

It is possible many players joined the ranked queue. For me, the ranked queue is far superior to the lobby in most situations. Ranked sounds scary. Better name would be matchmaking. It is just an easy way to found games against equally skilled opponents. Even for casual players is it great. You got a game within 2-3 minutes.

In the first 10 games matchmaking tries to guess your rating. So matches can be onesided. After the at most 10 games you only get matched to equally skilled players. I would say give it a try :slight_smile:


yeah more players on matchmaking than lobby is healthy, and I’m glad to see this!

Lobby is just too casual, I even hope playing against AI also have a matchmaking rating for it!

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If they add playing against AI in matchmaking, they need to add another ladder for this. I wouldnt be surprised if all games against the AI count towards the unranked hidden ranking and therefore this hidden ranking is very much inflated and skewed.

See also:

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Hi MOONSHINE9656, welcome to the forums!

Make sure that crossplay is enabled and that your game is up to date, latest build is 36906.

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Thank you all for the help!! Just found out there was an update available and that fixed the issue for me! Tons of games to choose from now! Appreciate all of your time.


Ya MS Store version doesnt update automatically. Gotta check for the monthly updates, usually at the end of the month.


I really don’t get why anyone would go for MS Store.

I get that for AOE DE it was the only choice for a while,
But for AOE2 DE it was always both Steam and MS Store

So if people dont see there is an update, they are stuck with an old version forever? Do you get some pop up about ‘Yo, there is an update, please install’? If not, it is really bad design to me.