Only 2% of the ranked playerbase decides the ranked maps for everyone

Since the introduction of the map voting system the number of people voting for maps has steadily increased.

However, only 2k people voted on the mappool even though almost 100k people played ranked in the last month.

Isn’t it time to provide an in-game notification with a link to this poll so more people start taking part in the map selection?

Or do you like that the map voting is mostly decided by “Age enthusiasts” who visit this forum?


I would move the poll to into the game, so everyone who launch the game, can vote. Maybe add the constrain that you need to play at least 1 game in the last month on the ladder, before you are able to vote. This way only players who do play ranked can vote and we dont get troll votes from people who dont play ranked.

There is a steam message already. Just moving this message to into the game wont really change much in my opinion. Not many players want to make an account for just voting only. Also it was a pretty terrible experience to create this account. I took a lot of work and in the end i end up with a random created user name. This proces wasnt really user friendly at all. This will scare people away from voting on this forum.


I agree that having a map voting system in-game would be the perfect solution.

However this would be a lot more work for the Devs and so set my goal small :confused:

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Yes, thanks. I’ve saying it forever. It’s ridiculous that less than 1000 people get to chose the maps for everyone


But the player to vote must be active in multiplayer (e.g. 10 games last month or even more), regardless of ELO, may it be 500 or 2500

100% of players still can alt-f4 when they see a map they don’t like.

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Honestly, the way you present this issue is highly questionnable with a side of bad faith. When players click on the game on steam, they are reminded/invited to vote every two weeks. (I don’t know how things are presented on the microsoft store because I own the game on steam). This isn’t just for the people visiting this forum.


Honestly, if you are invested in the game and you play ranked match several times a week, is it that difficult to launch your favorite browser, to go in your favorites and to go to this forum and vote ? It takes less than a minute. We aren’t talking about election where you have to wait several hours wait…
People who don’t vote don’t really care, that’s all… I don’t know why the vote isn’t displayed in the news section of the game though.


Agree. This will be more than enough


Since aoezone and the aoe-forums have different audiences, I was curious to get an overview of how many ‘competitive players’ (i.e. aoezone) actually use this voting feature.

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The location of the poll isn’t the problem. Instead, a rotating map pool is the problem.

A preferred approach would be to offer all maps and allow players to checkmark which maps they’d be willing to play. No favorites, no bans, no pool. If you want to play black forest ranked all day, that’s fine. It’s a game. Enjoy yourself. The more maps you check, the shorter your wait time.


I do think it makes sense to have the vote in the game, honestly if you could have it on the que screen, so you could vote while que’d up that’d be amazing. That way players have to make zero effort to express their opinion.

I don’t think it makes sense to open up all maps, since many aren’t really all that balanced, that’s why we often see map balance changes for maps the patch after they’ve spent some time in the pool.

But ultimately it also makes sense that those who care enough to go vote get to be the ones who decide the map pool. So if the 98% have a complaint… they could always just vote.

Another thing, I vote every rotation… but I just play 1v1 with Arabia favorited, and 3 maps blocked. So ultimately it barely matters since 90% of the games I play are Arabia :rofl:

I think those who really care what map they want to play would have voted. This is not hard at all, so i assume those not voted actually dont care abt the map pool.

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I am invested in the game, I have ~1000 ranked games played. I would love to vote on these every month. BUT:
I don’t see the “Steam Reminder”
This forum is not quick and easy for me to log into.
The most common way for me to know about the Map Rotation Vote is when I get emailed with a forum summary telling me it’s over.

Yes I can scroll down through steam announcements to check if there’s a new notice,
Yes I can set a reminder on my phone when the map pool is usually released (I still don’t know if it has a specific date it’s always released)
Yes people can do many many things.

However that’s actually quite a lot of effort when you just want to play when you get a chance. So an in game reminder merely makes that easier for people. Why would you not want people to vote? Why would you not want to make that process easier?

People like me are out there and we are annoyed we keep missing it.

(this came off way more aggressive than I intend, my apologies. It just sucks every time I missed out on voting)

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Any fix will be meaningless unless they add bans/elo loss for alt-f4, as the most sensible response to this exploit.

So you kinda suggest we need a lobby to host whatever game you want? Luckily we already have a lobby.

The current ranked system is in my opinion superior to the lobby we used to have at Voobly, HD and even have with DE.

Do you mean unranked lobby? The differences with that are:

  • Anyone can join regardless of skill level
  • The game settings / win conditions can be altered by the host
  • The map is already picked

My suggestion of a ranked queue where you choose whatever maps you are willing to play results in you playing the next available game that is:

  • The right skill level of players
  • Conquest win condition
  • Any map that is in your acceptable list

Not everyone is interested in playing the game ranked online. There are other ways to enjoy. Forced imposition of voting on uninterested players won’t give a good result either.

I open the game via a shortcut on my desktop, so I never see the Steam page you’ve taken a screenshot of. I’m sure others do a similar thing.


Yes, I also don’t start the game via the Steam page. That’s why I created this post :slight_smile:

This is why I’m in this forum. I have Alt+F4 countless times because I DONT WANT TO PLAY ARENA, BF, ISLANDS. Countless times. Are these guys serious? Why I cant ban all the maps I DONT WANT TO PLAY. How is this fun? Just let us cross out all the maps we want to cross out.

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