Only 3 out of my 10 loses in team games depends on bad play

–4 of them because of quitters and afk players
–3 of them because of players have no idea about walling and protecting the walls (especially team wall)

That is why top 1000 player in top 1700 (4500-2800) elo and other 65000 players below that. Many talented player stuck in middle elo (1600-2000)

Don’t play team games. That is the legitimate best advice I think anyone can give. Just play 1v1s if you want to reach your actual level.


lol. I like team games. Why we are not fixing problems ?

Because you can’t change how other people play. The best you can do is support your team-mates, and/or play with a team of friends yourself.


Play in pre-arranged teams (invite to party button) with trustworthy players,
3 out 10 proportion of good team vs disastrous with random teammates is correct that`s what i experience too with random teams.


it is hard to fix the problem when the problem is there …
Just imagine a dream patch ;
bug fix : all partners in team games are not toxic any more

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I assume that you just want to win games.
If you have more than 2000 ELO, find a friend with 500 Elo and tell him only to send you resources.
If you have less than 2000 ELO, go practice in 1v1 first until you are able to 1v2 in team game

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Join a clan or play with your steam friends

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This is why Discord exists. Play with people you know and use voice chat.

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Team games are trash anyways, 1v1 is actually better, also most of the game balance is focused here.

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TG are trash since DE because the matchmaking and TG Elo is so beyond repair. Everyone picks civ and there is literally 0 fun, only sweating tryhards who lame and are complete clowns

I dont care winning or losing but i want to play proper games.

Then definitely don’t follow his advice. Don’t follow it even if you do care about winning. Find a friend with a similar skill level to you, and play as a team.

Yep. That will help me to win but will not solve team game problems.

You lose 7/10 games because of bad team mates? What about your enemies? Do their teams always consist only of good players?

  • Case 1: You are playing against a random team
    It is a “fair” match-up where both teams can get assigned “bad” players. If you are still losing significantly more than 50% of these games, then I’d say the probability is high that your play style has something to do with it.
  • Case 2: You are playing against a pre-made team
    I expect that the pre-made teams has a higher probability to win the game against a random-team where both teams are equally skilled.
  • Case 3: You are playing against random and pre-made teams
    The “truth” is somewhere between Case 1 and Case 2

What can be done about the problems you mentioned in the opening post? I don’t know:

  • quitters: Who decides when it is ok to quit the game? Do all team-members have to agree to surrender? If yes, then 1 single person could take the others hostage by not wanting to resign until all his units/buildings are dead/destroyed.
    Regardless of this, what could the penality be? Additional loss of Elo? Then you just shift the problem to another Elo-range. Maybe a time-out penalty just like they do for alt+f4?
  • afk-players: I doubt anyone is intentionally joining a game to go afk. There are reasons why they are afk and I doubt penalities would reduce the number of afk-players much, unless you ban them. But that’s just my opinion.
  • bad decision making: I see no way what anyone could do about that and also don’t see any need to do so. Even if, where do you draw the line? There is always a bigger fish, so almost the whole player base could be labeled as bad player even if the only flaw would be not having an insane APM

As with all games that I have heard stories of, “elo hell” is very real here too.

I can assure you that once you get to 2000-2200 rating people will start knowing what they are doing, the drop rates are much lower, as are AFKs and all sorts of BM including early resign and late resign.

My best advice is to keep grinding on the 1v1 ladder and playing lobby games until you reach a skill level where you can reliably carry games from pocket on that level (should be 1500-1600 1v1 rate).

After that winning becomes easy.

Now, if I was to mention it again, getting to 2k post ladder change compared to pre ladder change is almost impossibly hard. But that’s because you are currently probably undervalued as a rating in TG if you started playing after the change and overvalued if you started playing before. The best solution for this disparity, again is to reset the TG ratings. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care how bad the experience for lower rated TG players is (even though they are the vast majority of the playerbase).

So yeah. TLDR play 1v1 and come back risen from the ashes :slight_smile:


same as above.

i would play 1v1s until 1k5 and then prefer arabia in tg ladder, force pick pocket, if you are not one of the lower rated players.
you should go straight to tg >2k4 then.

if you just queue up and slack in the tg ladder, you are stuck for too long with smurfs/lagusers, which occur more often at lower ratings.

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it’s all about smurfing. if you queue up for tgs, and have 3.5 opponents on average, but only 2.5 teammates, it’s more likely that a smurf is in the enemy team. and not in yours.