Only buy romans in DLC?

Does anyone knows if by chance we could have the option to only purchase Romans for AoE2?
Because i dont really care about AoE1 stuff.


Could you buy only Sicilians or only Poles in the previous DLCs, for example?


I think is quite different a pack of civs than 1 game and a civ.
Thats why i asked, probably not, but just asking to be sure.

Romans are coming as a “bonus” to make AOE2 only players happy


Same thought. I’m not an AOE1 fan. And I’ll probably will never play Return of Rome. Only new aoe2 civ is my interest. $15 is out of question for 1 AoE2 civ. I’ll wait till it gets a massive discount like $2 or $2.50. Alternatively a Romans civ only separate half DLC will work.

And an opportunity to add this civ, that some players (I know I know, not all, not even close) wanted, but that would not have fit a regional pack.

I agree, they took the most popular option between AOE1 civs that could be added to AOE2. I was not really eager for that (as I want American and African civs), but cant deny it got me excited

They picked the one that still existed and didn’t have a direct successor. Few survived.

Greeks => Byzantines (greek remained the dominant language)
Minoans => didn’t survive the Bronze Age Collapse
Phoenicians => crushed by Alexander, survived as Carthage
Egyptians => assimilated in the greek culture
Hittytes => didn’t survive the Bronze Age Collapse
Assyrians => crushed by Cyrus
Babylonians => assimilated in the persian culture
Sumerians => didn’t even survive to see the Bronze Age Collapse, I assume they got assimilated by Babylon
Persians => Persians (that one was hard for me to research :wink: )
Chang => Chinese
Choson => Koreans
Yamato => Japanese
Macedonians => assimilated into greek culture
Carthaginians => salted by the Romans
Palmyreans => crushed by Aurelian
Lac Viet => Vietnamese

Edit : had to mispell 2 civ names because of our beloved censor bot… caeterem, censeo Censorus Botus delendam esse - Cato Maior

Steam page now added that Aoe2 Romans can be played in SP and unranked MP. I think there is no more need for Romans only DLC.