Only seeing one regional server at a time

Now, I’m not sure whether or not this is a bug, but whenever I start up the lobby browser of AoE 2: DE, I only ever see 3-5 games on one particular server. Now it’s westeurope, which is fine, but some days ago it was only Korean servers up for example. What is the cause of this? Seeing that the game is played by almost 20k people at the same time, according to steam charts, I would expect more servers to be open. But maybe I’m missing something here?


Yeah same problem. Only games from a single server show up at a time (what server seems to be random?), despite my filter being set to ‘any’. I see huge amount of games being played on the spectator tab though. This is a major detrement to what is very clearly a popular and much played title - yet it’s really hard and time consuming to get a game going.

Same here, I can only visualize the SouthBrazil’s servers, the server with the worst ping in my case.

Same here, I can only see a few games from one region at a time, when clearly there are many more.