OotD Golden Cuirass doesn't apply to existing Man-at-Arms

I was testing how this technology works with a friend of mine. We thought the technology didn’t work at all but then I trained a new Man-at-Arms and yeah, it doesn’t apply to existing Man-at-Arms.

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Please after your test. Let us know if the damage reduction is done BEFORE or AFTER applying armor. It’s such a huge difference and no where its explained.

Before armour, same as Elzbach. I didn’t really mention it here as it seemed irrelevant to it’s conclusion haha, but here have a little rant about stuff not being explained in game:

I do think there’s a lot of things that should be explained at least somewhere, rather than us having to either take a guess, try to google it or test it ourselves.
Take economic technologies for example, do they stack additively or multiplicatively? What even are the gather rates so how much do I get out of it?
Or military technologies, do they stack additively or multiplicatively? What damage do the damage technologies apply to? If you do +20% damage as melee infantry, do you get +20% damage on just the base? Does it include blacksmith / unique flat damage techs? Does it include bonus damage?

Not that this is the point of this post to complain about this though, but I do think there’s a lot of stuff that should be explained WITHIN the game, I don’t even care if it’s through the in-game UI or when you’re visiting the explorer in the main menu.

If its applied BEFORE armor its SOO much better, that means many units will most likely always deal only 1 damage when below 20%, which makes the tech a lot better than the supposed 4% people were complaining about (so Aussi Drongo was wrong about that tech).

It’s pretty cool. Especially since it’s available in feudal age and only 105 resources.

Quickly made a sheet for core units, assuming they have all upgrades for their respective age.