OP Civ Ideas For Future Civs

So what OP suggestions can you come up with to break the game’s balance totally? Not too cartoonish, like civs having air craft carriers. For future OP Civ ideas.

I’ll go first. A new civ that has a town center which can move and pack up quickly and has plus 4 range. So, you can end the game in darkage by rushing your enemy with a town center. I’d like to see Viper beat that.

Archery range can be made in darkage. So you can rush with archers early and end the game in darkage. Combined with mining camps only costing 25 wood. So you can get gold miners faster to make archers.

Boars give two times the food.


Siege tower that shoots arrows, has the range and attack of a guard tower.

A galleon that has splash attack. Nicknamed “Magikarp”.

Uh those civs are AoK Teutons level of broken, I don’t think it’s comparable to even the release day OP Cuman let alone DLC civs.

Hahaha. What a funny suggest! Okay. Let’s have some.

  1. Garrisoning an archer in a wall and making them shoot arrows.
  2. Garrisoned archers in a Ram can shoot arrows.
  3. Garrisoned archers in a Transport Ship can shoot arrows.
  4. Garrisoning archers in Warships like Galleons and making the ships shoot more arrows.
  5. Military buildings shoot arrows.
  6. Markets produce 1.2 times the Gold via trade.
  7. Cavalry units having pierce armor as high as Huskarls.
  8. Auto-repairing ships for free.
  9. Auto-repairing siege weapons for free.
  10. Fast Trebuchet shots as much as the cannonballs of the Spanish C. Galleons.
  11. Can build Stables, Archery Ranges in the Dark Age and train their units.
  12. Each kill produces small amount of Gold.

Destroying enemy buildings gives resources like rise of nations.
Self healing knight line.
Eagle line available from the dark age.
Tc can train military units.

-Have access to Mangonels in Feudal and Onagers in Castle Age.
-You can build a Castle in Feudal Age.
-They don’t need to drop of wood
-Town Centers has +5 range and +3 attack
-Friendly fire removed from Siege Onagers.
-Petards has 5x splash damage and 3x attack
-When you research loom enemy resigns and you win
-Cobra Cars avaible in Imperial Age.
-(I think for Burgundians) have one more tech for eco upgrades in Imp, robots, GDOs because they are coming after Imperial Age right? Names for fun, just think one more tech.
-Spies are free.
-Your villagers can both be villager and Champion.

New one. Can make Watch Towers in Dark Age. Guard Towers automatically unlocked in Feudal Age. Towers have a murder hole bonus that only effect towers so can they defend vs melee unit. Tower cost 50% less.Tower build 50% faster.

Tower rushing in darkage. That’s what I call a tower rush.

instead of starting with a scout you start with a fully upgraded HCA

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1 spies cost - 80 % gold (20 gold per vill )
2 blacsmith techs avalible one age earlier
3 cavalery archer avalible in feudal age
4 knights avalible in feudal age
5 UUs can be trained at barracks/archery range/ stable / siege workshop ( Team bonus 11 )
6 UU with 50 % chance of instant kill
7 can build cow farm ( spawns free cows )
8 balistics free in feudal age
9 can research tech which damages all enemy units by 1 hp every 5 secinds
10 units became heroes ( heal by them selfs, cant be converted)
11 team bonus : bonuses shared with the whole team
12 recieve all aenemy units techs and bonuses whan converting 1 villiger
13 land units + 10 against land units
14 can create neutral markets ( for trade in 1v1 )
15 if a unit fights for 1 minute they gain + 20 hp ( not a one time use)
16 units can become invisible for 30 seconds ( 5 minutes cooldown- UT)
17 vills build 50 % faster + tredmill crane in tech tree
18 every completed technology grants u 500 gold
19 vills can garrison in castle and become UU
20 capped ram and siege ram free upon reaching imp
21 Enemy vills stop working for 1 min ( castle age UT )
22 Paladin upgrade free after cavalier is researched
23 supremacy for military units ( the same hp and armour increase as a vill - UT )
24 vills dont use knifes to fight, they use bows
Thx for the challange 11

-You can research everything one age earlier, but at +50% cost.
-UT “Marathon”: Your infantry gets +100% speed
-Have a special market that will always have 70/130 prices
-UT that makes all units invulnerable for 60 sec.
-Can construct buildings using wood instead of stone
-Monks convert everything in their range at once, including buildings and siege once you get heresy.
-Cav gets +1/+1 armor per age, starting in feudal.

Elephant trebuchets with 3x mahouts

I want a corpse catapult

Go play warcraft 3 there’s meat wagon there. 11

Not the same.

Also, corpse catapults were used by some civs as tactical warfare

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Basically the same dead corpses were used by the Mongols. A meat wagon is a corpse catapult.

Warcraft 3 is cool, but aoe2 is elegant and brilliant. It is not the same… I want a corpse catapult in aoe2.

I don’t think we can implement an area with damage on time effect on aoe2, so the corpse catapult should do a different thing.

Maybe it has a big area but with very low damage, and it has a strong damage against farms. Another UT could make your troops immune or resistant to the self damage.

A good idea is to have the an official mod for onagers throwing corpses instead of stones :grinning:

'Muricans. They get gunpowder units in Dark Age, but you have to spend 95% of your total resources to get healing from your monks. 30% of villagers actively sabotage the civilization and deny that the enemy is actually the enemy and that they’re making 'Murica great again.