Opinions on improving Flemish and Belgian revolutions for Dutch

Hey, i still want to make an in-depth post about this with all my ideas, but generally just wanted to know what do you guys think about something like that. I know it’s not on the top of the priority list but i could see the devs doing some small improvements.

I personally think it would be pretty cool for them to improve those cards since they are an important part of history.

Flemish Revolution for exemple, instead of turning vills into Halbs, what about turning them into Flemish Militia (of couse inpired by the AoE II tech) and replacing Halbs for Flemish Militia in Military Production buildings and deck. It could be just a reskin and lower hitpoints higher attack Halb.

And for Belgian Revolution, maybe change the name of the Revolutionary to something more fitting? Like Garde Civique which (according to Wikipedia) was a militia group formed right after the revolution.

And of course, it could replace the flag respectively for each revolt.

I myself would love to see a Belgium civ, but i know it’s controversial, out of time frame and maybe not too relevant for the theme of New World exploration. And definitely with the revs that’s the most Belgium we gonna get and i love it, just think a little more flavor would be appreciated. But let me know your thoughts and opinions on this please.

Why not just adjust the stat of the unit and change the appearance, alot of dutch cards mention halbs specifically so replacing it would make it much worse

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You’re right that’s definetly a much easier choice.

But at the same time, since the Dutch cards that buff it are exclusive to Dutch, doesn’t seem to be a big deal just renaming it as well, but I think it would make it harder and more complicated for understanding, from a new players perspective.