Opinions to replace the kings (Mod for Regicide)

Hi everyone,

I am creating my second mod for AOE4, i modify the kings for the Regicide mode by replacing them by kings who really existed, they will all be in mount (horses, camels or elephants according to civilizations). I would have liked to know what are your preferences for the choice of the kings, i already chose (still modifiable if necessary):

King Charles VII for France.
Sultan Soliman I for the Ottomans.
The Caliphate Abu Djafar al-Mansur for the Abbasids.

Do you like the first 3 choices ? Throw out your ideas!

Thanks in advance to those who participate and help me in my project.

A quick preview (screenshot) :

King of France (left) - Caliphate Ottoman (center) - Sultan Abbasid (right)

Sincerely yours,
Fatal $MK

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Rather than a camel I think Suleiman should use the Horsemen model and Abu Djafar should use the Lancer model. Of course you should tweak their looks a bit so they’re different than your average Lancers and Horsemen. Compared to camels, horses saw far more use than camels.

Caliph Mutawakkil, Osprey Illustration Series

Typical Abbasid Armies, Osprey Illustration Series

Typical Ayyubids Armies, Osprey Illustration Series
Not Abbasids, but should be pretty close

Suleiman II

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Thank you for your very interesting opinion. I’ll make a note of it.

I’ll come back here when i’ve made some progress.

Other suggestions are welcome.

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Hi everyone,

I published a first version of the the mod today.

Link : Mods Single - Age of Empires

If you have any suggestions or questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Enjoy the game!