Opponent able to crash my game when about to lose

Was playing against abbasid 1v1, the guy was abusing spear infinite range bug. No problem that time, he started to lose, but when I was at his base he just said “bye I crash your game” and after about 5 sec my game crashed and counted as loss. An error text appeared but sadly I didn’t take note of it.

Because this is such a nefarious behavior, I’ll report the player’s name here too: l3luehound

It seems there are some old reports and this player has done it in various other games- just googled his name and found comments on twitter :confused:

I’ve still got the replay of it if it helps somehow.

Edit:checking back now seems match counts as “no result”, but it still is a grave exploit!

In any case, enjoying AOE4 a lot and think devs have done a fabulous job, keep up the great work!!


I’ve had this happen in a team game 4v4 when we were literally seconds away from a wonder win. An hour game that never counted as a win.

What I did was report the players names by visiting https://support.ageofempires.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053405131-How-do-I-report-a-player-

I also attached the replay file so they can investigate. Should be located in your Documents/Age IV folder. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of what the sore losers are doing to crash the game.

@BalsamicSet4062 Yea, I met this guy yesterday during 3v3. And he also crashed the game. The error was " game out of sync".

Do you know how they were able to crash the game? I tested out the Abbasid spearman bug (against AI), and found that the tech stacking bug itself (when stacked too much) could crash the game. But if the player already was abusing the bug, I’m not sure how they would be able to crash the game that consistently (unless they were abusing a different Abbasid bug.

It used to be in AOE# when player disconects their cable from modem game goes out of sync…maybe same issue…

I think a easy fix would just be counting the points of both sides to determine who is winner when the Out of sync error happened, thus the winning side should have no harm at all.

I hit this same issue. I was bummed to see this is a known thing people are doing.

If you all see this, please do contact support with details. Thanks!