Optimization problem!


I have a RTX 3060 12 VRAM GB and 32GB RAM graphics card.

And you can’t set Animation Quality to Hight level. ??? You can not be serious.
My RTX is only slightly worse than RTX 2060. And I can’t set Hight Animation anymore.

Furthermore, it is not possible to set PHYSICS I only have low.

Please fix the game optimization and expand the graphics cards for more users.

Someone showed a video here with the same graphics card I have.

But I can’t get animations on HIGHT.

There is a problem that Hight animation only goes on 4K monitors and not on Full HD 1920x1080.

Thanks for the reply.

And if it really is?
Why can’t I enjoy playing Hight Animation on a Full HD 1920x1080 monitor. What is it? Why we are limited.
It is mostly played on Full HD monitors.

1080 can’t see the tiny details for the higher ones due to lower resolution so why bother making the pc work harder?

Especially physics and some animations are basically CPU workload.

This has nothing to do with the graphics card as far as I know.

Which processor do you use?

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i5 11600 2,8ghz -4,8 ghz