[ Option Request] Small trees as an option like the range indicator mod

Considering I have to enable it after every update (updates I enjoy), could you please put Small trees as option instead as official mod?

I know it’s kinda a minor issue having to enable it after every update, but it’s really convenient. Also new player would be faster aware of this QoL mod which I kinda consider essential to some extent.


Would you like small trees mod to be added to game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes please! I have been wondering about this since the release of DE.

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It’s kind of lame range indicators, which is quite a recent mod, got to become official so fast, when small trees has been a staple forever 11 It would also help with the deactivation of mods whenever the game is updated, this way you wouldn’t have to remember about re-enabling it every time.

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