Option to differ between original and new gameplay.

AOE is one of the first games I remember playing (I was about 5 or 6), so this is a bit of a matter of the heart for me. I’ve seen a lot of good suggestions to improve the DE from the original game. Keep up the good work community :slight_smile:

But one think that I’d really REALLY would like to have is an option to choose between DE and original gameplay: for EVERY game, SP or MP. I’ve already read there is a “classic” mode, so not sure whether that is gameplay and/or graphics. But if there are going to be new buildings, units or game mechanisms, there needs to be an option to en- or disable them for every game, so you get the full control of your AOE experience.

Giving an option is always a good way to go as long as you don’t divide the community too much. So I strongly agree with you. But you should look at the other side which is making changes and additions doesn’t neccessarily ruin a game. I don’t mean that more differences means better game but listening to ideas and making the game more “complete” with more content is really appealing especially with a game like this.

Totally agree with this. I’d go even further and suggest selectable rulesets and game modes allowing for expansions and workshop-like content.

completely agree.
mainly for graphics - the original games still look good and it will really add to the nostalgia

Some of these may be in the DE. http://upatch-hd.weebly.com/

I really agree, but I hope anyway that the new gameplay and ruleset wont differ too much from the original one.

@FretfulRocket61 said:
Some of these may be in the DE. http://upatch-hd.weebly.com/

I think Cysion confirmed on reddit that they’re usign the UP balance changes.

I’m not saying that I’m not in favour of changes, I’d just a like to have some sort of control to customize the gaming experience. :wink: