Option to disable buildings

here’s the situation: i am pushing my side, i start building forward production buildings. i use my ‘select all barracks’-hotkey and queue some more halbediers. however even the barracks back in my base are now producing halbediers, which have to cross the entire map to join the fighting.

to avoid this i currently have three options:
-delete the barracks in my base
-cycle through barracks and queue only from the forward ones
-create a control group with the forward ones and remember to use it

each of these have drawbacks, so i would like the following option: instead of deleting the ones in my base, i would like to disable them, so no units can be queued there. this would be a nice quality of life improvement.

TL;DR: allow disabling unit production from selected buildings to ease unit production in the areas of the map where it’s desired

(would also be useful on a map like houseboat etc)


That’s what control groups are for, aren’t they? I mean when you click the select all hotkey it goes to the buildings, right? That’s pretty bad imo as you leave the screen you’re currently on. So the way I see it setting up control groups is better anyways.


‘select all’ hotkey doesn’t move the screen. i already use it in dark-age for villager production while scouting for that reason

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It would be really useful.

Oh really? So I don’t have to put my tcs to a control group? Good to know 11

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