Option to hotkey select all religious units along side with military?

as the title says, is it possible to select all military units with religious at the same time? how do guys usually do it? (example playing with delhi)

I have the same problem here. It would be very useful especially if one wants to make an army that suits well the effect of the prelates, in the HRE, or of the schoolers in the Delhi sultanate.

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playing delhi, what I did to manage groups of scholars along with the army :
I used ctrl group to manage the scholar, and the army with different ctrl group

for scholars, I use :

  1. get the scholar out from mosque that you want to be part of the ctrl group,
  2. ctrl + a (select all units)
  3. select only scholar (ctrl + click select scholar)
  4. assign ctrl group

note: the scholar that still in mosque will be still in mosque (not follow when you move the scholar to move as part of ctrl group)

PS : I bind my ctrl key to my mouse back button