Option to select on a various warrior or any civilian (on your team) and obtain their view temporarily

This may sound crazy but would be cool to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the action by selecting an option to get the view that one of your warriors or civilians actually have on the layout (map)

How cool would that be? Select the option and then click on a knight while he is riding towards an enemy encampment, possibly chasing down a civilian and eliminating that civilian.

Or imagine being close up to a trebuchet while it is pummeling an enemy castle!

A gamer can dream can he not?

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Maybe you should take a look at Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War

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This was in Earth 2160 and Homeworld also.

In Earth 2160 you could also take control of the unit like in a 1st person shooter. People didnt use it, was just a useless gimmick.

Well, you could have such feature for eye candy and cinematic immersive experiences, helping content creators, I guess.

In Homeworld it kinda made sense because it’s a space game and it’s supposed to be a more immersive experiece. But in a classic RTS like AoE? I for one dont really see the point.

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And before it was in Machines, which was the first game that allowed you to directly control one of your units, which switched the game from RTS to FPS .

It was also never used.
There is no time to actually be “immersive” in a RTS game. You are literally choosing to be humiliated and crushed on that match, if you try to pull the FPS micro on.

RTS has way too many strategic and tactical elements to constantly work with, to allow the player to control a single unit like a FPS or RPG game.