Option to stop CPU from quitting way too early during Skirmish?

I dunno if I’m the only one here who feels this way, but I feel abit frustrated when during skirmish, and I’m about to launch a massive invasion against the CPU opponent, and it abdicates/quits early after just a few buildings have been destroyed. Like I can see the CPU has a HUGE massive empire built and I can’t even have the satisfaction of destroying all of his empire down to the ground, only because it suddenly decided to quit after just a couple of buildings are wrecked. :frowning:

Can there be an option in future updates where the CPU will “fight to the death” atleast and not just blueball players during a massive invasion? It sort of robs us of that satisfaction of seeing our massive invasion complete its objective of raising the empire down to the ground. Thank you!

You can use the in-game taunts of 104 and 105 to enable/disable resigning by the AI.

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I honestly don’t know how to use in-game taunts, let alone assign it to the CPU. Hahahaha!! Can this be done automatically before the start of the match?

The default to open the ingame chat is enter/return. And no, you can’t change the AI settings before the game.

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Aww man. I guess that’s why I wanted this as a selectable option at the start of a match, as its just abit more seamless. I mean I personally don’t even use taunts at all in games, and just focus on playing.

Something I’ve noticed is that the AI tends to resign if at a specific point within the match, it’s population drops to below a certain number. For example, if the match reaches 15 minutes, and the AI has less than 20 population by that point, it’ll resign (numbers purely speculative). Something you can do is, as soon as the match starts, press Enter, then type 104, then press enter again.

Thank you for the tip. Will try to do that, but yeah, still would love to this is as an option in the future.