Optional Peer Hosting?

Can we have optional peer hosting? The same as AOE 2 2013?

It’s that or we may need to use something like GameRanger or something.


This would be much welcomed indeed!

But I’m afraid that this is exactly why this isn’t featured on DE, as P2P connections makes possible online play to non-retail versions of the game. Sort of a piracy countermeasure. If so, it’s sad. I don’t endorse that.


What would be the advantage of this?

The server based multiplayer is the only thing keeping the top players here, faster response than ever in 1x1 vs opponents that with p2p would be simple impossible.

The only advantage it brings is to play it without depending of microsoft servers, but giving the circumstances and taking as example the HD version, the lag would be just too much.

First it would be just optional, no one is talking about shutting down servers.

Second, P2P can still be decent enough. See on Voobly if you don’t do long distance TG, and it has the advantage on not relying on servers being online.

Having an option for P2P besides the official servers would be very nice.