Options:small trees

Can you put small trees in the game options?it is very important i think.


There is small tree mod if you need it.

i have this mod.now i need options:small trees.

Small trees being an option rather than a mod sure would help for whenever an update kicks in and removes all ur mods 11


I wonder why Small Trees is a mod instead of an option in-game?

I mean, the grid used to be a mod and it is in the game now, they could do the same with small trees.


i think its just a matter of time before it becomes official. for now we have the mod we can just keep reactivating, but i also hate the big trees after using the mod for almost a year it makes it so much harder playing without it…

Seen theres a few variants now including denser smaller trees which is cooler

I think devs focus on an inmersive experience. I doubt small trees being included as an option. It is an official mod already.

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This mod and ones like it that serve to circumvent the vanilla game experience should probably be banned in ranked play, imo. Actually, just disable all mods for ranked play… level the playing field and play the game how it is meant to be played

That would probably enrage most of the top 10.000 ladder players as most of us have been used to playing with small trees for so many years…

Recently I had another game with a secret hole in the wall that I couldn’t see because I forgot to turn on small trees after an update. That is just annoying…

In my opinion: no mods in ranked play, but the most common mods should be included in the base game as options. For example, no trees, useless plants remover, transparent HUD, better tooltips, useless tooltips remover.


no trees? new mod to me… migth be hard to find the perfect lumbercamplocation 11

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