Orange Color PROBLEM

Has anyone else noticed how dull the orange color is in this game?
Compared to the original and HD, it is way too dim and yellowy, and is a little difficult to tell apart from yellow. Not to mention that the old orange just looks way better.

If the devs can fix this that would be awesome, or at least give an option if the new orange is actually preferred by some.

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The Orange could be made better, but you’re kidding yourself if you think that the Orange in AoC / HD is better. I might be more appealing, maybe, but a giant problem with the original Orange colour was that the darker shades in the gradient were way too red, which made some units, especially Camels, impossible to tell apart from the Red colour. Here are a few examples.


I personally think the current DE Orange is fine. I can actually tell it apart from Red now and I haven’t yet ran into an issue with confusing it with Yellow.


Have you tried playing with the graphic settings to see if you can make the colors more to your liking? There are plenty of shader options to tweak the color balance and turning bloom on/off would drastically change it as well.