Order of the dragon here

I can say this civ is going to be broken and it can be removed from game for the sake of balance


No new landmarks?

Gilded everything.

A bit disappointed by the originality for this one. Seems like there won’t be any new playstyle. Unless the landmark give different unique bonus.

I was REALLY hoping they 'd replace the chapel and cathedral at least to make gameplay more varied.

I didn’t mind the naming for china and french variant as gameplay wise they bring a lot of uniqueness. But this one I don’t see how it will play much different than HRE, just with less units.


Commenting on balance when you haven’t seen the unit statistics is like having a cold and taking a stomach pill.

This civilization is likely to be simpler, with large and strong units.

The English or French civilizations are also simple on paper and are the most played at lower levels. Not all civs need to be complex.

And it’s evident that they’re not revealing everything about the civilization; it will have other bonuses and be played differently.

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Their villager will gather faster their units are stronger,when they reach the late game they will produce more resource than any civ and they will have more pop efficent unit than any civ so they will be undefeatable at late game.

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When the devs say in the news that they are going to prioritize quality over quantity, what do you think that means?

It will be one of my favorite civilizations.

I like the concept of stronger units.

I think it’s nice but i was also hoping for new landmarks.


Im giving this civ 1 month specially when they broke the team games they will completely change all units.

According to Beasty, the landmarks work slightly differently and playstyle changes a lot.

I am frankly not good enough personally to understand fully the implications of having super strong expensive every type of unit does to build orders and strategy.

Heck what does expensive vills do to build order (at least they would need less farms probably if you get fewer of them?)

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Are we taking bets? How confident you feeling in this proclamation of yours? :smile:


If they dont cost more pop im %100 sure

OMG every single unit is gilded something…

That’s my overall criticism with the naming of design of this entire “variant civ” thing: other AOEs started to do with bad naming (e.g. adjective+an existing unit, made-up names, simple transliteration of the native word with a generic meaning) when they were saturated with contents and used up all sensible choices. Here there are only 12 different civs. It’s far from saturated and you are already getting “gilded HRE”.

When I saw this concept I was expecting ANYTHING Hungarian or Bohemian, or at least something that is not in the current HRE roster.

What is the justification of this name then? “Oh wait for the actual gameplay and you’ll find the name is the only one that works for the civ”. Is there any element with this gilded HRE that has anything to do with the actual Order of Dragon? Why not call it Order of Gold?

It does not take humongous efforts to come up with better names without affecting the game design at all.
Past AOEs have proved a thousand times you can safely assign almost any trait to any name/unit and still find a good historical justification of it.
Nobody ever wondered why coureur-de-bois (but not other names) is a stronger villager in AOE3. But it’s a real name with historical relevance.
You can safely rename the “gilded something” to a more flavorful name and it is still justifiably a stronger version of the standard counterpart.
The fact that they didn’t even bother to do that implies to me something really wrong in the management.


Kinda meh on this one. Aesthetically they’re really cool, gonna have to see them in a match before making up my mind.

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Not a fan of their units being bigger for realism reasons. Hope it is not obnoxious seeing giants on the field.

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Somewhat hard to judge from the pictures, but the units don’t look any bigger than regular units barring like the fancy plume on the helmets.

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If the landmark works differently, then that’s much better. I don’t want to see more castle rush for relics.

But i feel they should have presented the landmark if that’s the case. Why leaving that out.

Concerning balance. There are definitely so many ways to balance a civ so i don’t think that’s any concern yet. It’s more about them being unique.

Aussie Drongo said they are bigger and he has early access.

He didn’t play the release build, not impossible they changed it. Even if the units are bigger, it’s not much bigger assuming the screenshots from the AOE4 website are up to date. The knights are still drastically smaller than like elephants for example.

If they are bigger, it’s at most like 10-20% larger judging from screenshots

Some things do get changed quite late. For example I think it is Mongol fishing boats that have attack quotes yet Delhi still don’t. There’s a lot of unused voicelines in general that are often from mechanics that didn’t get into the final game.

Hard to judge exactly. I think the landmarks are slightly different but still mostly the same. What that actually means concretely I have no idea. Maybe Reignitz gives you some kind of buff for collecting relics instead of gold or something, idk.

BeastyQT said the landmarks function slightly differently

No he said landmarks useless in hre can be usefull at order of dragon.Which he meant probably Meinwark