Order of the Dragon is just weak

So supposed elite faction with less numbers on the field has no unit abilities whatsoever. Why would samurai have deflective armor ability considering they were weaker than medieval european knights? Cataprachts with heal AND trample? Jeanne d arc healing her entire army during combat and reversing the battle in her favor etc.

Shouldn’t it be logical for smaller,stronger and MUCH more expensive army to have one or two of these abilities? Instead you have to rely on making like 5 prelates and babysitting them all the time for heals.

Their economy is simply utter garbage. Their units are so expensive that you have to choose between few units or going to castle age, and their units do not justify their cost with their strength. Too weak for such cost. And out of all variant civs they are the only ones without new unique unit (prelate is just a priest). Their only gimmick is literally that they have somewhat higher stats than others and are crazy expensive, nothing else.


I think you should practice more with them
Ironically this is one of the strongest civ in the game due to its powerful units
Maybe a Build order you like to try.
I guarantee you that a Pro player would win all games only with this civ.

Balance patches are coming by the way :grin::+1:

Yeah I saw some good players playing them but Im still too noob for mass spam sustain of their units. Looked up beasty’s build order but thats only for agressive play and harrasing. I’d like to learn how to rush imperial age and go dragon hand cannoneers with 5-6 prelates but Im severly slowed down by their expensive units before that.

Is there anywhere else I can look up some guides?

I think the other guys reply is tongue in cheek. Most knowledgeable and pro players I’ve seen find OotD to be the bottom of the barrel for new civs. Just like HRE, they’re not very good overall in the current balance. I don’t think the devs are fans of the civ or it’s variant.


Did you lost many games playing with them
hahahahaha, speaking by yourself of course :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:
Every civ you play with is D tier and every civ you play against and lost is S tier hahahha
So funny!

OOTD is probably the worst civ in the game at a high level. However at low-mid levels it does seem pretty strong.

As a simple civ, it should have a high winrate on release, and it lost almost every game it was featured in during the prerelease streamer games.

I would argue it’s pretty good vs knight civs though.


What are you on about? We’re trying to have a discussion here based in reality, not on a few personal experience games here or there. I’m not going off my own games at all. I’m going off looking at how the civ/variant does overall no matter who is playing it. The only thing OotD seems to have going for it currently is being very strong for low level players due to opponents not being able to counter it yet. Now some adjustments with a balance patch could definitely change it. However with how it is designed it seems it could be a very tricky not to take it from being weak to too strong with adjustments. We shall see.


I think we should be careful to call for buffs or nerfs until enough time have passed so most players can get enough knowledge how each new civ can be played.

The fact of the matter is none of us know how we will play these new civs in a few months from now, the meta will probably change many times not to mention the balance patches in between all of this.

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That is logically applied. So right!
As an infantry based civ is better against cavalry based civs
You should check again the counter system. Yep, thats logic applied
Every civ has weaknesses and strenghts
You should be able to deal with it in the best possible way
Some civs would be better against others, but you can still win with them

It’s not actually good vs cavalry because of it’s infantry. While gilded spears are solid, it’s good vs knights because you fight them with gilded horsemen in feudal.

OOTD MAA are really mediocre unlike HRE, however it has really good ranged units and very solid horsemen.

TBH the biggest issue with OOTD is the eco, it has arguably the worst eco in the game and both of the feudal landmarks are really meh.

Yep. You made a point
So the meta would change completely
We are looking forward the upcoming balance patches!

And what is a Knight?
Genius one hahahaha
It is in fact a cavalry unit :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Right, I was just calling out that the OOTD doesn’t really build it’s melee infantry right now, it’s not really an infantry civ.

Well there is so many play styles, build orders and meta approaches for the civs.
The fact that the current meta is to spawn horsemen like there is no tomorrow is another thing.
If you are not using Men-at-arms, Landsknecht, Spearmen and you are making other units thats all to you
Just telling you OOTD is an infantry based civ by design as HRE.

So the meta right now is go for gilded archers and gilded horsemen until imperial or what?

You’re talking to someone who said:

“Ironically this is one of the strongest civ in the game due to its powerful units”
“I guarantee you that a Pro player would win all games only with this civ.”

:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Well, Yes
Yes to all.
hahahaha. there some facts about it

The only pro matches I’ve seen where OOTD won are 2 of them, and barely.

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The thing is all up to you about how to play the civs.
They all have weaknesses but you can still win with all of them!
I guarantee you that

For example, we have Malians. Its units are pretty weak in comparison with other civs but guess what.
Malians has a pretty nice win rate and its weak units does not make it a bad civ. It only must be played different in order to win


Well I’ve asked you if there are some guides to learn about builds, I really like the concept of this civ but they need rebalancing.