Organ gun

New portugese organ gun patch is great. But just make it do one or two more 7dmg bullet/s and make them spread much much more. to give the unit aoe effect. It should be effective while units are bunched up and not vs 1-10 units

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Check Spirit of the Law’s video

Instead of more bullets, I would increase the dmg per bullet by 2 ( it is gunpowder after all) , and liek you said give it more spread so Ir can’t hit single target reliably but actually, deals a ton of dmg when that doesn’t matter on large groups

Organ guns, despite what even the devs wrote as intention for the change, still don’t work well against groups. Just compare elite organ guns to heavy scorpions.

Organ guns + halb used to be the terror in trash wars. Now skirms work alot better against organs

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yes so 9 damage per shot and really large spread, so it barely even hits the intended target

Increase the cone, revert the extra bullets back to 50% accuracy. Should then be the unit they intended it to be.