Organ guns spawn over enemy wall Glitch

So i just learnt something while i was watching a stream today so i further investigated this Glitch…
With Portuguese organ guns and castles…
When you place a castle hard against an enemys base it being in hideout or arena the wall you place the castle determines if the organ guns come out in there base. (edited)
So what i trying to say is north east and north west castle side will allow the organ guns spawn in enemies base if this side is hard aginst enemies wall
So when you build a castle you click set point for spawn in there base and they will spawn there, note if you have too many on one tile then they will spawn outside enemy base
Marked up images of castle sides North East, North West, South East, South west
So it appears south east and south west will not allow spawning over wall

I could be totally wrong, please tell me if this is just a random glitch


Hello @Slazinatar
Thanks for your report, we’re already tracking this issue. It seems to happen with all unique units :frowning:

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Far as i know its only Organ Guns as there classed as Siege ? Didn’t notice it on othere civs.