Organs guns to hard countered bt Pierce armor

Overall I think that putting more emphasis on Secondary projectiles and Nerfing their match-up against mangonels was the right decisions. However it feels a weird for a gunpowder unit to be so heavily negated by PA they deal 1 dmg per projectile to Skirms not saying Organ Guns are now countered by Skirms but still feels wrong.

  1. Increase damage to 8(10) but decrease projectile by one you could decrease you could increase it further if new Organ guns are underpowered you could increase it to 9(11) but that would have to Coincide with some other nerf to either Organ Guns or Portugese.
  2. Slightly Increase the main projectiles damages and accuracy to guarantee some damage vs high PA Units.
  3. Decrease damage to 5(6) add two additional Projectiles however they now ignore half of Pierce armor so against a target with 4PA they still deal 3 damage. If this is too strong increase the spread and reload time.

If skirms are the problem, why not give it bonus damage? Dont think its needed anyway, as they wont counter Organs


They already have a little bonus damage against Infantry, maybe give them some against Archers too.

Basically make them good against all foot soldiers but bad against Cavalry and Siege.

Alto the firing arc is a little narrow now, they often just hit one unit.

So give them +2 (+3 for Elite) vs Infantry and Archers but make their bullets spread out more.

It not just about Skirms in fact Skirms v Organ Gun is rare matchup The more concerning matchups are Huskarls, Eagles, Rattan Archers, Turkish Light Cav, and to a lesser extent Generic Knights. And then in imperial age Paladins, Sicilian Cavalier, and even Hussar and CA.

So, the concerning matchups are those they were intended to be bad against?


They are kinda worse than hc against these

Well they are gunpowder units so I feel they should be more effective against PA than crossbows

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yes it feels weird that they become so different from Hand Cannons, when the concept is that it’s 7 hand cannons welded together.

imo this would be a good opportunity to make Organ Guns more pop efficient, increasing the damage and also increasing the price. Would make thematic sense, and I’m sure there’s a way to balance it.


Higher attack like 9(11) sounds right, so they aren’t useless against skirmishers, etc, and if organ guns are thought to be overpowered then their cost/build time could be increased.

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i am curious to see more testing of organ guns vs arbs against knights and paladins/hussar in terms of dps and cost efficiency.
with the low dmg per round of organs they arent comparable to hc or jannisary anymore. instead they function more like a unit shooting multiple arrows.
if organ guns was affected by chemistry. that would help alot now

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Add 1 or 2 dmg to each projectile and make it spread 3 times more. So it barely hits the intended target. It gonna be aoe attack as you(devs) envisioned…

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Organ guns have been nerfed to a useless status right now. Very sad to see such a fun unique unit get over nerfed so hard. They needed a cost increase, build time increase, or -2 damage on their main attacked. The splash damage concept does not work in Aoe2. this is not starctaft.

They need to revert this rework and nerf them another way. Right now they are arguable the worse UU in the game.

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This is Aoe2 a game with Mangonels, Demoships, Petards, Flaming Camels, BBC, and Warwolf Trebs and not to mention all of the Melee units with splash damage.

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I think revert them back to the way they were, but make them convertable by monks without redemption and give them 1 less range

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Give each of their bullets a bit of aoe Similiar to BBC.
Meaning, against groups of enemies they will now damage alott mir units, even if each bullet just deals 1 dmg after armor, and 1 dmg of aoe. Better against group of enemies, unchanged Single target dps

Organ guns will deal friendly fire, nuking your own halbs. So a double edged sword