ORIGINAL AOE: I Soundtrack & Sound effects for AOE:DE!

Hey, everybody,

Do you also miss the old sound effects and music that was part of the original AOE I and AOE ROR? After all, the music and sound effects are the nostalgic part of the game!

I’ve decided not to let that happen and try to get the original music and sound effects into AOE:DE.

Through several hours of work, editing and recording I managed to do it! Now you can all enjoy AOE:DE in new graphics with the nostalgic sound effects and music we all know so well.

Guide for Sounds effects

  1. Download the “Sounds” file from Google Drive HERE
  2. Copy everything from the downloaded “Sounds” file to Steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Assets\Sounds
  3. Keep the Sounds folder from Steam open and find and delete the files named “ballista_target1” to “ballista_target5” (which means you will delete 5 files ballista_target1, ballista_target2, ballista_target3, ballista_target4 and ballista_target5) and the same for the files “stonethrower_target1” to “stonethrower_target5

Guide for Soundtrack

  1. Download the “Music” file from Google Drive HERE
  2. Copy everything from the downloaded “Sounds” file to Steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Assets\Music
  3. Keep the Music folder from Steam open and find and delete the files named “xmusic1” to “xmusic10” (that is 10 files) and “music10

And that’s it!

If anyone comes across any discrepancies, please let me know and I will then update the files.

Thank you all for sharing and I hope you all enjoy AOE to the fullest now!


Problems will have those who bought it through the MS Store.^^


Hm, you mean that they can’t change those files or is it something else?

I do not use MS Store, so I do not know how it looks like, but whenever you install something, it has to be on SSD/HDD or something else, so it has folder and those files.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:


Thank you @AliPasha_4968 for creating this mod! I would’ve loved to have an option to achive this through settings, but modding scene is once again serving as a way to scratch itches :cupid::smiley:


Yes, the files are in a read-only folder and unfortunately the write-protection cannot be removed.


Hey @SlenderBadger98,

I’ve already contacted AoE support asking them to implement these files in the new update with a choice of sounds from DE or the old AoE I, that we can select when we start the game, so we’ll see if they get back to me :slight_smile:

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Hey @nostrodomosFU ,

that’s too bad, I’ve been reading up on the MS Store and their file localization. I don’t understand why they force users to have all the games and apps in one location that they designate.

I don’t know the workaround, so I can’t help. But if they make a new update and put in the option to choose sounds from DE or old AoE I, that would solve the problem immediately.

Hopefully this will be possible in the future.


Hello everyone!

I decided to inform you about the new update of the sound effects files!

→ I updated the “cavalry_die” sound effect, it contains 7 new sounds (before there were only 2 different sound effects),
→ “chariot_die” has only one sound effect and it is different from cavalry, I also updated it (before it was the same as “cavalry_die”),
→ I also edited the cavalry and chariot select option, now it contains 2 different sound effects instead of 1 sound effect

  1. Information about Trireme:
    The problem with the Trireme is that it has the same audio background as the ballista, it doesn’t have its own sound effect, that means if I edit the sound as it is in the original AoE, the ballista would shoot like the Trireme and I don’t think we want that, so I didn’t update this

  2. I also added a new sound effects for each “boat_die

  3. I noticed that there is a low quality sound effect for “ballista_die” and “stonethrower_die”, I updated that one as well.

That’s all, be sure to download the files again and check it out. I hope you all enjoy the newly added and updated sounds.

And by the way, I forgot to mention in the guide that the Music file contains the original soundtrack and music in MIDI format (which are the old authentic sounds), that have been converted to .mp3 so they can be used in AoE:DE.

Thanks a lot,



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