Original avatars

Where are the original avatars of AoE III? Not just the unit avatars, but the ones which imo have more character?

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I would love to see Napoleon again leading France on my behalf.

The developers helped build the AOE2 avatar system from the time it was released, but I can’t understand why it took so long to implement it in AOE3.

The AoE III DE avatar system (almost same one if not the same indeed as AoE II DE) is a downgrade from the vanilla AoE III, where all avatars were free and selectable and also had a way huger scale in choice and had fun unique non unit avatars, like marshals etc. I honestly dont know why they didnt keep this system which is superior.

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I also agree with your question. Unless the developers were proving themselves that they weren’t capable of taking over the game and developing it, they would have solved the problem earlier.

This is clear evidence that there is no interest in AOE3 and at the same time shows that the developers are incompetent.

The current avatar system exists for engagement purpose - Do some quests/tasks, or play at least once every week

Its fine, totally understand, and would actually expand it to other customizations as well such as new models for HC etc.


But then we get the same problem, people complained about the home city leveling system, you have to do stuff to get stuff and in a game were in the vanilla version you had free access inmeadiatly thats just a downgrade, I dont care about interacting, I want to be able to choose in a game when I pay for it.

Except the home city levels impacted actual gameplay mechanics, not just cosmetics. Complaining that you have to earn free cosmetics through play is nonsensical.


I think the new avatar system is good so far and i totally understand the devs in their decission. None the less i’d like to see the old avatars being added over a few patches (especially the one from my current profilepicture here ;D), without having to unlock them.

Its not when the original had it literaly free, I dont have time to unlock all avatars I like, most avatars are also only unlockable due to playing singleplayer or historical battles, which I dont like.

Its plain and simple a downgrade when the original had it free.