ORIGINAL campaigns as a Custom Scenario feature on DE

Going directly to the point, I want to know the possibility (and also I want to see how many people share the same vision on the subject) about having the original campaigns (untouched) functional on this new AoE: DE. Having it as a base Custom Scenario would be really good, especially because @StepS said on another thread that Custom Scenarios will have the possibility to work on Classic Mode, something that I really wanted since the first day that I discovered that Classic Mode would exist on the game. The older campaign had a different taste and people should have the right to play it as it was on the original game, since this title was relaunched on an appeal of nostalgia that most of franchise fans want to revive it… Although the new campaigns seems interesting, I still think that the old ones had their own “style”, not to mention that apparently the new campaigns will never be able to work on classic mode…

Anyway, If there is a smarter way for me to request it and discuss it with another players, I will go after it. I just don’t want to bother developers on twitter/social media with the same particular question, they probably have a lot of work right now way more important than that, lol. But still, what I described would be much appreciated by a lot of people, even if it takes time.

Unpack the campaigns from the original release (using third party unpacker) into scenarios, then you can load them as scenarios in AoE DE. Worked fine for me (tested this on beta 4507 build only myself, but I think it should work in general).

You can actually already play Custom Scenarios in Classic Mode, however they will have to have been created using the original game. It is not currently possible to create new Classic scenarios in AOE DE, which is what I was specifically referring to as a prospective feature (post now corrected).
However, like IzumoCZ said above, you will need to split the original campaign files, since you can’t import entire campaigns as Classic right now.

Thanks @IzumoCZ and @StepS !!
One last thing that I still hope for, @StepS: Is there any possibility of the old original campaigns being released as a custom scenario “goodie”, on a later patch or expansion? Some people do not have the original game in order to copy the campaigns, so maybe adding it as an extra on the “Custom Scenario” folder of the Definitive Edition would be much appreciated!