Original or DE


I want to play some more Age of Empires 3.
So I am wondering if DE is worth buying or if I better stick with the original.
When I last checked, the DE had not implemented the skirmish game deck-leveling mechanic and all cities had max level.
Is it working now?

Thanks in advance!

If your compuer can handle DE, DE 100% of the time because of better balance, new civs and more.


DE is better because new content is always nice, and the 15$ price tag is pretty reasonable for the amount of new content you get.

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I own both and after playing a bunch of DE decided the check the original again. Oh boy. For one, it has some really weird UI that I have no idea how to use. DE comes with Age II UI. Other than that it’s just really ugly. DE has working MP, a bit more SP content and more will come I think.

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The only better stuff in DE is you don’t need to care civ level anymore, ONLY.

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In original game I struggled with MP bugs which are gone in DE. I recommend to play DE.

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That is intended… and it’s one of the best things about DE.
Deck leveling was probably the single worst design decision the original devs made, turning many players away from the game.


I still prefer the original for now and the DE has many many flaws. However at this point, with its playerbase, new content, and price tag I’d say DE is a better purchase for people getting back into the game. Make sure your computer can run it however since legacy will look better on an older computer than DE will look on low settings.

If you already have the legacy edition there is no rush to switch over to DE. The old community is still alive and well.

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if you have the original its $15, you can try it out and if you dont like it you can always return it.

the single player content is good, the arts of war are mostly great, the ai is better for the most part. new revolotions and units, 3 new civs that are fun imo, and the graphics are pretty.

its not all good though.

the online portion crashes often with no reconnect feature at all, and suffers from bad attack move, strange tp bugs and bugs in general, disappearing home cities, has a terrible multiplayer interface that is worse than legacy, and no real casual rank system if you don’t want to use matchmaking, meaning lobby games are very imbalanced. there are also less mods and scenarios, with sketchy mod support that disappears for months at a time and is a pain to enable/disable for ranked play. hackers are mostly gone(i think) but oos is still here and thriving, and you can get kicked out of post game screen randomly. did I mention the censorship? its quite brutal with no way to turn it off. expect lots of sentences and player names to be blocked with no way of knowing what triggered it, and lots of delay between messages.

and if you like to grind for home cities in single player, that is also gone. its a shame they didn’t give people the option, but you can still grind xp for cosmetics on select civs.

just wanted to add that recently its been harder to get into lobby games, as you often fail to join and they show up as empty. hopefully this will be fixed soon, but the online portion needs a lot of work.

edit: just tried to play some games right now, 2 multiplayer matches stuck with someone disconnected, a third of the lobbies are traps, and sorting is half functional. you also cant filter treaty games from supremacy.


If your computer can run DE go with DE multiplayer works way better and there are more people playing
If you play single player maybe go with the original last I played a single player on DE a few weeks ago the ai in original 3 is more fun to fight


Thanks for all your answers!

I am glad to hear, that so many of you enjoy the new full deck system.
Since I am more of a single or preferably coop skirmish player, I will stick to the original, because of the progressive nature of the deck system there.

Multiplayer improvements are not for me, the better graphics and UI are nice but don’t outweigh the lack of progression.


I play original since 2008. I like it alot and when I try this DE i think they made a good job i like the new graphics plus the new content the only thing i dont like is the multiplayer platform. They should had made it like befo in ESO but other wise the DE is better