Ornlu's UUs tier list

The thumbnail doesn’t show the actual tier list.

Tbh I think it’s slightly click bait. Don’t know for you but upon seeing the thumbnail having all the new UUs and even ballista eles in S tier is hella sus to say the least.

it was sus the moment mangudai was down in d tier.

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elephant archer still bottom tier.
feels bad man

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Overall pretty typical list. A few his positions make 0 sense to me.

On what planet are Teutonic Knights better than Mamelukes?

For me it looks like the list is just representing how often you see the units in pro play.
Since mames just don’t fit into the saracens gameplan they see almost no play, regardless how good they are in the lategame.
Best example is also the placement of arambai in s tier, only because burmese actually have nothing else to go for.

his complaint was the easy one. price.

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Nothing more true than that, it would be so easy to fix the mamelukes.

Yeah, reduce the cost of the best paladin counter in the game to “fix” it.
And opposed to camels and halbs, mames can be decent vd many other units, too and insane raiders.

It’s also hard to master mame micro. But they can be extremely revarding if you mastered it.

I tell you, if they reduce the cost just by 5-10 g we will see massively OP mame/siege pushes by pros soon.

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Well, here’s what I consider S-Tier civilisations and I’m pretty sure this is non-debatable unlike Ornlu’s list.
S-Tier: Mongols, Mayans, Goths, Huns and Franks.

I don’t know whether you are talking civilizations or UU, but I disagree in both cases.

Debatable, I think that Indians, berbers, byzantine camels are better counters, along with GC.

Against what units? Pikes? Because it requires an insane micro. Archers? With that PA? Skirms? Who inflict bonus damage to mamelukes?

And how they are insane raiders when cost 85 gold a piece, have 3 range, zero base PA, archer armor and aren’t affected by ballistics.

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Konnik should be S-tier, bulgarian FC into krepost konniks is no joke. Serjeant is literally only thing Sicilians got going for them, should be A tier.

Pretty sure plumes are thrash, its just better to stack arbalest/crossbow and not waste stone on castle

Other than that, his tierlist seems acceptable. Not sure how Samurais are in same tier as Shotels and Karambits, lol.

Konniks are just worse Cavaliers in most of the situations
Serjeant is useless, slow, too expensive
Plumes are boosted
Samurais are trash too, too expensive

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calling goths an s tier civilization is laughable at best.

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:rofl: :rofl:

are you trolling?

have you ever tried using them?

no really, are you trolling?

Both of the new UU are disappointing to me. The costillier doesn’t fit in AoE 2, while the serjeant is just disapointing. Can’t we have a good heavy infantry unit for once?


so i watched it now, i like how he generally explains what the tiers mean and why he picked certain units… but im concerned that he is approaching it more from a TG than a 1v1 perspective… i also think you shouldnt rate units for both 1v1, and 4v4, the ecos and play styles are just too different

wrt 1v1, imo a cata isnt A-tier, 2000f 1400g for elite and logistica is just absolutely insane. and in comparison, the boyar is fairly useful in 1v1, since it doesnt need the tech cost of a paladin to FU, but provides almost the same utility. its 600/450 cheaper than paladin if you also skip cavalier.

i also wonder if the tarkan is too situational to be A tier…

and the TK might lose to ranged units, but it still counters almost every melee unit in the game, you can force fights with it, so i would rate it higher since it reks with the right match ups…


I like the special mechanic of the coustilier. But they need to adjust it. I think even a bit less bonus damage but way faster recharge would be nice.

Yeah, I like that. I hope the devs will buff them soon. They have really nice potential, but their cost is a bit too high right now for their usage.

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Yes, he underestimates situational usage. Some UUs are insanely strong in their situational usage and therefore easily a-tier in my eyes. We have several strong lines in the game, most civs actually don’t need any goto UU. Instead the situational UU can even have a higher impact than any goto UU would. Like Italians, Incas or Franks.