Oromo cards in need of an update

Ever since the update made Oromo cost significantly less with other changes to their stats, their shipment cards have been very low tempo to ship when compared to other units (especially Shotels which they now share a role very closely with).

7 Neftenya = 945 res
9 Shotels = 945 res
3 Oromo = 720 res
4 Oromo (my suggestion) = 960 res

14 Javelins = 1610 res
12 Neftenya = 1620 res
15 Shotels = 1575 res
16 Gascenya = 1600 res
6 Oromo = 1440 res
7 Oromo (my suggestion) = 1680 res
(6 Oromo used to be worth 1800 res before the cost reduction in this update)

And as someone else pointed out in a bug report thread, their British Firearms shipment no longer affects them because they’re no longer tagged as Heavy Ranged Cavalry. Overall they lost a lot of stat upgrades besides that from Jesuit Smokeless Powder and Caracole, and it’s not clear whether that’s fully intentional or not. Also, I like the update to them and feel better training them but I support the idea of pushing this unit further away from the Shotel by making it faster (6.75 or 7 speed).


British Firearms was supposed to synergize with them, so that should definitely still affect them. Smokeless Powder and Caracole should at least still apply to their charged attack. Your suggested quantity increases seem pretty reasonable.


Agree completely with the suggested changes.

I agree it would be nice if it became 4 Oromo. If it is considered too strong there could maybe be a small food cost added to it like the 2 leather cannons or 6 skull knight shipments.

I think maybe Oromo’s melee attack dps may get pretty high for their cost if it had an extra 20% attack on it (from smokeless powder and RCC) but it would be nice if the upgrades benefited the ranged attack or at the very least if RCC gave their charged attack +2 range.

For British Firearms maybe it could be changed from +5% heavy ranged cav damage to +5% heavy cav damage. It would also affect desert warriors and mercs but since desert raiders just had their attack nerfed and other civs can get cav combat on mercs, it would probably be fine.

Personally I think their 6.5 speed makes sense. They seem somewhat between a hussar and a cuirassier in terms of cost so I think it makes sense their speed is halfway between the two.