Other Civs need can counter man at arm and knight at age 2

My English isn’t that good.
Other Civs need can counter man at arm and knight at age2. Balance.

by Other Civs don’t have man at arm and knight at age2.

need have Crossbowman. = Balance.

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Agreed. Civs without armor in Age 2 and basically broken now against early MAA. Knights aren’t that bad because spears actually work, but nothing can touch early MAA unless you get get knights or early MAA.


Hello, Developer
need have Crossbowman.

Other Civs need can counter man at arm and knight at age2.

Well, spears already counter knights, and even harder after the last update.

As for MaA, only English and HRE have them. The former always go for longbows, so it’s not that big of a deal, while the latter is already quite weak, and early MaA is basically their only advantage in that age.

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Most of my games where I play HRE and MAA and Ram rush it’s a sure win. It’s just sad when they can’t counter it.

Has the TC retargeting made MAA ram rush more difficult though? Or do most people you play not even realize that you can do that now?

They can still tweak the numbers, feudal age MAA got different stats then castle age MAA, they can tweak halth or armor values, they don’t need to add crossbow to age2 for everyone.

I hope you are not serious and this is a joke.

Does early MAA just kill low elo or something? I have never seen feudal MAAs work in my elo or in pro games, and Im only like 1200. They are too slow to effectively raid and ramming TCs extremely hard unless opponent has literally 0 military or don’t know how to micro archers.

its just everything kills low elo. LOL


Hahahaha i LOL’d at that. Thank you. Agreed.

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