Other Uses of the Hunnic Housing Bonus

Most people don’t realise this but the Huns don’t need houses bonus also helps farming in two ways. The first is more lumberjack work time because you won’t stop to build houses, the second being all the wood saved from not building houses and the third is more building space. Farming bonus in action:

This bit helps most on maps like Arena where you are often limited in space.

? I’m pretty sure this is self evident to most players and we all know it’s not worth it anymore cuz it prevents quickwalling and house wall spam ahah

Don’t walls look better when they don’t have buildings as part of them?

This is admitedly more of a multiplayer issue

Walling was very rare in the early AoE days, you know?

Indeed, but we are not in early AoE days anymore. Which explains why Huns used to be the best noob civ because they prevented housing problems, but now noobs snob it because they can’t play as defensively with them than other civs.


i gotta say your heading is click bait, and if there was a flag option for it i would flag this thread

huns not having to build houses, arguably helps every aspect of their eco since it simply saves vil time.

“all the wood saved” can go into CA instead of farms.

tons of maps give zero effs about more space to place farms.

change your title

But some people like putting things in perfect positions. I always build houses to the left side of my TC to make it look neat and after two layers I build them along a nice woodline.

which isn’t realistically achievable in multiplayer without seriously impacting your performance.


Two-thirds of AoE players play against the AI according to SotL.

even against the AI it isn’t optimal play and you’re still wasting time when you could be killing your opponent.

I don’t attack until I have researched all techs (except Spies/Treason) and my army is ready to move out.

yeah, well like i said. you’re wasting time. and resources. but you do you.

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I think Matt is more of the offensive while Fought is treaty type of player. If you want to win against Extreme AI though you have to be as aggressive as possible.

I used to play treaty but I recently stopped as it’s more fun to boom than to ask the AI for resources. I still occasionally harass the enemy with knights before the war starts. Just so you know, I beat the Hard AI on treaty relatively easily. And if I can work up the courage to do so I can beat the extreme AI on treaty.

These “bonuses” I’d argue is kind of a stretch. Wood bonus? Celts has something to say about that even though they don’t have crop rotation. Me Japanese. And slaves, and Incas.

Villager working time save can be a thing but this is a lot harder to quantify simply being you don’t play the same game a second time and your villager don’t collectively walk the same distance every game.

As such, I consider it a bit of stretch. Nice finding tho 11.

Not getting housed is more tangible and helps players a lot more. Since Huns are very mobile, not getting distracted to build house is also a management bonus, diverting more time to manage the military.

What do you mean by slaves?

He must have intended to say “Slav”

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I mean “Slavs”.
Autocorrect bug kekw.