Otherwise functioning nations


as we have seen, the Mongols can relocate the base.
And which other nation will have such specifics regarding the base?

So that all other nations no longer have everything the same as walls?

To make 2 other nations different. That would be great.

It occurs to me, for example, that the Turks might have something else about the base.

100% certainty is with the Indian. tent Típí and they were also very nomadic.

Another nation that would go would be the Viking.

I hope to see some of it

India is not a nomadic civilization.

Vikings aren’t a nation.

They do however belong to the ‘Norse’ ‘nation’.

Vikings are just the name for sea-fairing Norsemen

I know about these two:

  • Delhi get bonuses if they put particular buildings next to each other.

  • Chinese are allowed to build both landmarks when advancing to the next age (but will lose all those bonuses when advancing again).

Do you know any more specifics about the Chinese age up mechanic? For instance, suppose you build one landmark. Are you then in the next age, with the option to build the second landmark from the last one? Or, if you want the dynasty bonus, do you have to stay an age behind until you finish both landmarks?

It seems like it’s potentially a very complicated decision, and if the cost of the second landmark is the full cost of aging up, it feels like it could be difficult to justify going for the dynasty bonuses, at least in 1v1. Might be stronger in team games though, from a pocket position…

As with everything, this was mentioned off-hand.
Whereas other nations need to choose from one landmark per age, Chinese may build both at full cost to get the benefits (tech and unique units).

If what you’re getting is powerful enough to counter the opponent it could be worthwhile.
It’s simply an option open to them.

They said you lose all bonuses when advancing to the next age, so I’m guessing the player needs to decide when it’s worthwhile to do so if you already committed to two landmarks.

“Dynasties are a unique trait of the Chinese civilization. With their ability to build all landmarks at any Age, selecting two from the same Age triggers a Dynasty of their choosing for unique bonuses, buildings, and units”