Otoman Hotkeys

-No remappable hotkeys for “Attack Drums”, “Melee Defense Drums” and “Ranged Defense Drums” from Mehter.

-No remappable hotkey for “Assign Trader Directly” from Sultanhani Trade Network.

-No remappable hotkey for “Fortitude” from Sipahi.

-No remappable hotkey for “Patch Job” from Janissary.

-No remappable hotkeys for secondary menu of Grand Galley transformed into military school. While we are at it, no secondary menu at all from any unit from any civ is remapabble yet.

-No remappable hotkey for “Man the sails” from Hulk (Springwald Ship).

-I remapped “Janisary Guns” upgrade from archery range to EMPTY but it still shows its previous hotkey.

-No remappable hotkey for “Herd to target” from Herdable Sheep.

-No remappable hotkey for the auto lock/unlock of gates, including all it’s types: palisades, stones and Great Wall landmark.

-No remappable hotkey for “Unload Garrison” from Transport Ship.

I might be wrong on some of these in case they are somewhere I missed in the menu, which I have to say isn’t really user friendly at all. I think it should be better categorized to be able to find civilization and unit specific hotkeys.